"Life's Too Short (Reprise)" es una canción eliminada de la película de Disney Frozen. Esta canción fue pensada para ser usada mientras Elsa está encerrada en Arendelle, y Anna está comenzando a morir congelada.

Letra en Ingles

Elsa: Sadness swirls within me like the snow.
I've frozen out the only friend I'll ever know.
There's no way I can win,
But I wish I had been there for her long ago.

Elsa y Anna: Life's too short

Anna: To be such an oblivious fool, so reckless that I couldn't see.
Life's too short to be so desperate to be loved, that I only ever thought of me.
I wish I saw things clearly,
I guess I'm not just the sort.
Now all I know, is life's too short.