"What Do You Know About Love?" es una nueva canción perteneciente al musical Frozen: The Broadway Musical basado en la película de animación de Disney de 2013, Frozen. La canción es interpretada por Anna (Patti Murin) y Kristoff (Jelani Alladin) quienes durante su primera impresión discuten sobre la relación de Anna con Hans y por saber quien de los dos es mas experto en el amor, durante su trayecto para encontrar a la reina Elsa.

La canción fue revelada durante la segunda entrega de los "Frozen Fridays" y tomaría lugar durante las canciones Onward and Upward y Wolves en la película.

Letra en Inglés

Anna: Hans is not a stranger

Kristoff: Okay. So, what's his last name?

Anna: Of the Southern Isles!

Kristoff: That's not a last name

Anna: You've got opinions on my life and my relations
But let me tell you what

Kristoff: Okay. Enlighten me

Anna: Love is the one thing that has zero complications
And I can trust my gut

Kristoff: Okay. You frighten me

Anna: Some people know their hearts
The minute true love starts

Kristoff: Some people read a lot of books

Anna: I like books!
Some people simply know
When true love says "Hello"!

Kristoff: Some folks are taken in by curly locks and princely looks!

Anna: He does have princely looks. We agree on that one!

Kristoff: Right! Ah, by the way, what color eyes does he have?

Anna: Dreamy

Kristoff: All I'm sayin' is when you go to climb a mountain
You don't just jump to the top

Anna: If it's true love you can!

Kristoff: There's scalin' and scramblin
And too many steps for countin
And the work doesn't stop

Anna: Maybe for you

Kristoff: Love's not an easy climb
You have to take your time!

Anna: We get a whole life, that's the plan

Kristoff: That's not a plan!

Love's not a thing you get
It's work and tears and sweat

Anna: So says a sweaty, smelly mountain man!

Anna y Kristoff: Oh, what do you know about love?
What do you know about love?

What do you know about love?
What do you know about love?

Anna: Have you even kissed a girl?
I mean, a human girl!

Kristoff: Oh

Anna y Kristoff: What do you know about
Anything, anything?

Kristoff: Anyone with half a brain
Would have worn some winter gear!

Anna: Anyone with half a life
Would have one friend
Who's not a deer!

Kristoff: I do!

Any fool who jumps headlong
Is gonna bang their head!

Anna: Any fool who doesn't jump right now
Is probably gonna end up dead!

Kristoff: Whooooooa!

Anna: Like I said
You okay there?

Kristoff: I've been better.

Anna: Don't worry, I've got you.
You should have listened to me! I know danger when I see it.
Just like, I know love when I see it. Whoa!!!

Kristoff: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Thank you!

Anna: Ah, that's not quite how I thought we'd end up

Kristoff: You've got to think things through in life, and... in love

Anna: Touché

Kristoff: Here. Grab on and brace yourself.
Ready? Here we go!

Kristoff: Whoa! Whoaa! Whoaaa!

Anna: I'd like to point out that we've come a good long way here
And that you're–wow–really strong!

Kristoff: I lift a lot of ice

You saved my life just now
I guess I gotta say here
My first impression was wrong

Anna: And see? You're nice!

Kristoff: That jump was really brave

Anna: Your catch was quite a save

Kristoff: You've got some guts!

Anna: You've got some brains!

Kristoff: Thanks

Anna y Kristoff: With miles and miles to go
I guess it's nice to know
That I can trust you
Though the question still remains..
What do you know about love?

Kristoff: Just, be careful

Anna y Kristoff: What do you know about love?

Anna: Have a little faith

Anna y Kristoff: At least we know one thing
This trip should be interesting!

What do you know about love?..
What do you know about love?...

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