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Accident in the Great Hall


Great Hall, Arendelle castle
Valley of the Living Rock


Anna, Elsa, Agnarr, Iduna, Grand Pabbie


  • Anna struck by Elsa's magic, later healed by Grand Pabbie
  • Arendelle castle isolated from the outside world

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Isolation of Arendelle castle

In 1826, when Anna and Elsa were playing with Elsa's icy magic in the Great Hall of Arendelle castle, an accident occurred in which Elsa unintentionally struck Anna with her powers.


The Accident

One night, Elsa was aroused by her sister Anna, who wanted to play with her. The two girls then went to the Great Hall, where Elsa used her icy magic to create a winter wonderland. As Elsa created snowpeaks to catch Anna, she begged Anna to slow down as Anna was going too fast. Suddenly, Elsa slipped, causing her icy magic to accidentally strike Anna in her head. Anna, knocked unconscious, tumbled to the ground.


Elsa alerted to her parents, King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, who rushed to the Great Hall to see what happened. Elsa, Agnarr and Iduna rushed Anna to the Valley of the Living Rock, where Agnarr asked for help to heal her. The Grand Pabbie stepped forward and proceeded to heal Anna while modifying her memories of her playtime with Elsa. The Grand Pabbie also explained to Elsa that she must learn to control her powers, warning her that there was not only beauty, but also danger.

Agnarr decided that until Elsa was able to control her powers, the castle gates would be locked to hide her magic from the outside world and Elsa was not to have any contact with other people, including Anna. Over the next ten years, Anna, who had no memory of Elsa's magic, repeatedly attempted to ask Elsa out to play, but Elsa, tramautized by the accident, did not respond to her requests. 

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