The ice cream cake was made for Anna's nineteenth birthday.

Anna's birthday cake was an ice cream cake that was made in celebration of Anna's nineteenth birthday. Kristoff and Sven had to protect the cake from the Snowgies while Elsa brought Anna back to the castle.


Elsa used her magic to make ice statues of her and Anna on the cake before going to wake Anna. Just after completing the cake, Olaf took a bite before being caught by Elsa.

Kristoff, Sven and Olaf had to keep an eye on the cake and the courtyard while Anna and Elsa went around Arendelle collecting presents. Soon the Snowgies arrived and tried to take the cake for themselves, leaving the trio to take turns juggling it to keep it away from the determined, mischievous snowmen. 

Soon the jostling intensified as more Snowgies arrived, overwhelming Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf. Just as it seemed that the cake was lost, Anna and Elsa arrived at the courtyard to see the chaos: the cake was precariously balanced atop a huge mound of Snowiges, with Kristoff and Sven still trying to protect it. However, order was quickly restored, and the cake was presented to Anna by Kristoff; the Snowgies then carried it over to Sven, who sliced it with his antlers, dividing it up and sharing it among the Snowgies and guests.

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