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Aren was the legendary ruler of Arendelle, who according to the legend lived even before the last ice age.[1] Some question his existence, like Anna or Sorenson.[2]



In saga verbatim, Aren lived in the times of night lasting over hundreds of years over the land, when people lived in a boat on water. A mysterious disease hit the people and the Water Spirit told them they needed to return to their home.[2]

Aren set out to dry land to bring the days back and questioned the mountains to meet the sun. The sun was so impressed that gave him a legendary sword - the Revolute Blade. The blade curved when he cut Arenfjord between the mountains.[1][2]

He also tricked the waterfall into helping him breathe underwater, to journey under the seas and sing with mermaids[1][3] and Aren helped the Huldrefólk hide their tails.[1]


Aren was swallowed by a dragon in the Arendellian version of the legend and set out in a boat and disappeared in the version of the myth known by the Huldrefólk.[4]


His tumulus was in hidden in the Earth Giant's Passage and his sword Revolute was hidden in the mouth of a dragon sculpture.[5]

A portrait of him was in the secret room and drawings depicting his adventures were in 'Secrets of the Magic Makers'.[1]


According to the legends, he had bright blond hair, a beard with braids tucked into it, square face and a hooked nose.[3] He had a strong jaw on the painting from the secret room.[1]


He was known as a great leader.[1]


  • Swordsmanship
  • Mountain climbing
  • Breathing underwater


Love interest

He is said to have had a love interest.[1]

Citizens of Arendelle

He was considered a great leader after he unified Arendellians and carved the Arenfjord.




  • Saga of Aren is said to be written by his love interest.[1]



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