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The bishop is the official who crowned Elsa.


After Agnarr and Iduna perished in a storm at sea, the bishop was present at their funeral to conduct the proceedings.

Three years later, the bishop stood at the front of the chapel to inaugurate Elsa as Arendelle's new queen. He started by placing a crown upon her lowered head. As she rose, the bishop presented Elsa with the orb and scepter upon a green pillow. Elsa motioned to grasp the items, but the bishop stopped her, reminding her to first remove her gloves. Once Elsa had done so and picked up the items, she turned to face the crowd while the bishop began his declaration in Old Norse, finally dubbing her as "Queen Elsa of Arendelle". Upon the bishop concluding his statement, Elsa returned the orb and scepter to the pillow. With the coronation completed, the bishop stood watching the crowd rejoice for the new ruler.





  • The bishop's declaration reads (partially in Old Norse): "Sem hon heldr inum helgum eignum ok krýnd í þessum helga stað ek té fram fyrir yðr ... Queen Elsa of Arendelle." In English, this means: "As she holds the holy properties and is crowned in this holy place, I present to you ... Queen Elsa of Arendelle."