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HybridPixel HybridPixel 7 August 2021

All 7 Frozen Seasons theory

There might be 7 frozen movie..

Here is why (in my opinion)

Frozen 1 is just about Anna saving Elsa from her fear and yada yada yada (i don't want to give it spoilers)

Frozen 2 is just about the mystery solving about the crystals but also reveals a princess that has Fall season power by means of Wind and Leaf controlling (sorry if it is fake or not real)

Frozen 3 is about Anna's discovery of power that she is the princess of Spring with the power to control plants or nature and control earth

Frozen 4 is about Anna,Elsa and the mysterious girl that has Fall season power finding out about the last season princess,Summer..she controls Fire..I think I will fanonically call this character Sun or Summer

Frozen 5 is about finding Anna and Elsa's long …

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Unicorn expert Unicorn expert 8 June 2021

Frozen and frozen 2

Frozen and frozen 2 are some of my favourite movies.

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NoahAlexanderJohnson NoahAlexanderJohnson 9 March 2021

A Frozen Halloween

On Arendelle's first Halloween night in forever, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf were surprisingly invited to a mysterious Haunted Mansion on Halloween, based on the Disney Parks mansion itself.

  • 1 Characters
  • 2 Songs during the Haunted Mansion Tour
  • 3 Plot
  • 4 Trivia

  • Elsa
  • Anna
  • Kristoff
  • Olaf
  • Master William Gracey/Ghost Host
  • Madame Leota
  • Constance Hatchway
  • Hatbox Ghost
  • The Singing Busts
  • Hitchhiking Ghosts
  • Little Leota
  • Ghostbusters team
  • Thriller (Micheal Jackson)
  • Vincent Price
  • The Addams Family
  • Chernabog (Satan)
  • Pink Elephants
  • Caterpillar
  • Tick-Tock Crocodile
  • Cruella De Vil (Non-speaking or singing)
  • Roger Radcliffe (singing voice)
  • Kaa
  • Tigger
  • Heffalumps and Woozles
  • Peddler
  • Citizens of Halloweentown
  • Jack Skellington
  • Scar
  • Shenzi, Banzi, Ed
  • Hyenas
  • Governor Radcliffe
  • Wiggins
  • Captain John Smith
  • A…

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Beverlyjones Beverlyjones 25 November 2020

My Frozen display

Because it’s Frozen’s 7th birthday this Friday, I decided to do a display of it at work.

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Paulcaleb12 Paulcaleb12 22 November 2020

Frozen 2 turns 1

Today Frozen 2 came out 1 year ago

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Tomas9970 Tomas9970 30 May 2020

Where's the line with Trivia

Naturally Trivia is the section that contains fun or useful information that doesn't fit anywhere else. Like a spare information.

Historically there were informations of vayring quality put in there from interesting and verified bits to obvious or questionable informations.

This brings up the question I want to ask "What information is worthy to be included?".

Here's my list of what I think is Trivia about in terms of presented information:

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Beverlyjones Beverlyjones 23 May 2020


Elisa is a character from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale The Wild Swans. She is the Princess of the Kingdom of Swanly. Elsa will help her to turn her brothers back into humans.

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Lifewatery Lifewatery 10 January 2020

Movie about Elsa and Anna's parents?

Wouldn't that be cool? After watching Frozen 2 i really want a movie or a short about them, they seemed really nice in the end..

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Angellover4eve123 Angellover4eve123 6 January 2020

who is samantha


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Beverlyjones Beverlyjones 2 October 2019

My Frozen tale

I got the latest Frozen comic today and one of the activities is to write a mystery tale. If you can’t read my handwriting in the picture, it’s about me, Anna and Elsa uncovering a mystery about explosions in Arendelle. It turns out to be Asle the Wicked Ice Princess and Elsa’s Obscurial.

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Bobs wally Bobs wally 8 April 2019

Are Anna and Elsa joint rulers of Arendelle in Frozen 2?

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NucleoWolf NucleoWolf 17 December 2018

Fanart and Fanfiction!

If anyone is interested in seeing my Frozen fanart and/or reading my Frozen fanfiction, then here are the links to where you can:

  • Fanart:
  • Fanfiction:

Note that not all of the fanart/fanfiction on these pages are Frozen-related, as I also have interest in some non-Frozen fandoms. 

Anyway, let me know what you think of them!

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NucleoWolf NucleoWolf 17 December 2018

Petition to keep Elsa single in Frozen 2.

In Frozen, Elsa remained single at the end of the movie, yet she had her sister Anna and was generally happier with her life. Elsa and Anna (who established a relationship with Kristoff, but prioritized her sister's life over her true love's kiss) showed that family is most important and that life is not all about romance. Elsa also showed the world that it is OK to be single and that you do not need romance to be happy; she learned to accept herself for who she is, and romance played no role in that. Giving Elsa a romantic love interest (boyfriend or girlfriend) would ruin these themes, as it would basically say: "forget what the first movie taught, you need romance to be happy." In addition, giving Elsa a romantic love interest (especiall…

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Lalaloopsy4Ever Lalaloopsy4Ever 20 August 2017

Frozen 2... Frangled?! Frozen Theory

Frozen 2... Frangled?? Frozen theory

Recently, I have been watching lots of theories about frozen. Rapunzel and Elsa are twin sisters, Anna possesses magical powers of fire, summer and spring like Elsa possesses the powers of ice, cold and winter, blah,blah, BLAH. But if you put all the different theories together, they don't make sense, so I am trying to piece it together, and the theory I come up with actually works! It might be a bit of a stretch, but hey, it's all part of the fun!

All the evidence points towards Rapunzel and Elsa being twins. They have blonde hair, they are the only princesses to have magical powers, and they are the only princesses to be left handed. Also, people always presume that the only way Elsa looks like her fam…

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NSR1010* NSR1010* 5 February 2017

Come to my wiki!

Hi Frozen fans!

First I would like to invite you to come on my wiki! If you go to my profile, look under my favorite wikis and hit Official Beenie Boos wiki. There are currently 5 spots open for admin and bureaucrat.

Second, DisneyParks and Walt Disney Animation has confirmed that there will be another Frozen Movie. Not just a Frozen short! YAY! Some of you may have known this, but they are brining out a proper Frozen 2 in 3-7 years and Frozen 3 in 10-14 years!

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Leon Sealite-Rex Leon Sealite-Rex 25 March 2016

Frozen 2 Announced!

After Reading too many articles and news about Frozen 2 I will Share my experience to you about Frozen 2 Movie that is going to be released in 2017 (early) or 2018 Maybe. I don't know the right date of announcement of Frozen 2. And after watching Frozen I think Disney will really made Frozen 2 Because Frozen is not full story and In Frozen 2.

In Frozen 2 Kristan Bell and Indina Menzel will be back and the same director Chris Buck and Jenifer lee will be in Frozen 2. People are making a lot of Fan Made Videos about Frozen 2 and Many Animators are saying that Jack Frost is Perfect match for elsa but I don't think.

There will be many things happen to Frozen 2 and I think it will be Happen cause Frozen is not a full story about Kristoff, Anna, E…

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ThePK ThePK 15 June 2015

D23 Expo

Hey Frozen Fans!

Greetings from Wikia’s Community Development Team!

The Annual Disney D23 Expo is coming up this August and Wikia has a special preview of some of the events to share with you! With panels covering a wide range of topics, from an introduction to the upcoming Walt Disney Animation Studios comedy-adventure film Zootopia to behind the scenes look at making of the Disney classic Aladdin, and stands on the show floor like a Frozen Album signing and joint Disney-Pixar interactive displays, the D23 expo is a can’t miss! Without further ado, click here for a list of exciting events.

In addition there will be this special event for Frozen Fans-

You can read more about the Frozen Fandemonium here!

Although Wikia will not be attending the D23…

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Elise Woodford Elise Woodford 17 April 2015

Frozen 2 movie Idea

Part 1

Alright, here's my idea for a Frozen 2. Elsa meets a handsome Prince from a fictional kingdom called Neveah. This so called handsome prince would be named Andrew. He would have a brother who's 18 named Dylan and Andrew is 21. Andrew's early life would be similar to Elsa's. He gets awoken by Dylan and asks if he wants to go ice skating. Andrew DOES NOT have the same powers as Elsa, in fact he doesn't even have any powers at all. He lives in a kingdom where it is very hot and snows rarely. It doesn't bother him because it snowed on his birth. His mother however dies at his birth so it's only his father King Augustus and his 'adoptive' mother Mary. Anyways, he and Dylan goes ice skating, and they have a little fun and then suddenly, And…

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ResonX ResonX 25 March 2015

FANART REQUEST: Hans as Lich King

Hello; this blog represents a personally rather urgent request to any Frozen fans of artistic talents and/or familiarity with Warcraft seeing this to create on my behalf a certain piece of fan art for the climactic ending of a video I'm making for my Moleman's Epic Rap Battles series, the script for which can be read in my other blogs on this site.

The image in question is Hans Westergard as The Lich King from Warcraft, sitting triumphantly on the Frozen Throne and with a red energy hue, as opposed to Arthas' blue and Bolvar's orange (though naturally closer to the latter than the former). He should be wearing a variation of his princely attire, rather than Arthas' armor besides the Helm of Domination, which of course must be visible. Frostmourne…

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Humphry02 Humphry02 2 March 2015

Frozen Fever, my thoughts on the trailer


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ResonX ResonX 15 February 2015

The Snow Hits the Fan (Moleman's Epic Rap Battles)

Author's Note: The following is the final of four lyrical blogs of mine, the latter three of which, this being the third and, again, last, of those, have now been incorporated into this video. The previous very first "part" is its own video which is long-since already publicly released and linked on its respective blog under this same user. All this is also part of a larger series of my making of which the rest is not Frozen-related. Enjoy!

(Continued from both here and here)



• Jadis the White Witch: •

I have had it with these soft, show off-ing, sentimental pricks!

Just crawl up onto my Stone Table now; I s…

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ResonX ResonX 11 February 2015

Hans' Bizarre Adventure (Moleman's Epic Rap Battles)

Author's Note: The following is the third of four lyrical crossover fan fiction blogs that I will be posting here, the latter three of which, this being the second of those, comprise the content of this video. The previous very first "part" is its own video which is long-since already publicly released and linked on its respective blog under this same user. All this is also part of a larger series of my making of which the rest is not Frozen-related. Enjoy!






• Prince Joffrey: •

I've had my share of knocks before, but you're the target of this roast,

So keep your tongue f…

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ResonX ResonX 5 February 2015

Elsa Vs. Elphaba (Moleman's Epic Rap Battles)

Author's Note: The following is the second of four lyrical crossover fanfiction blogs posted by me on this site, the latter three of which, this being the first of those, comprise the script for this video. The previous very first "part" is its own video which is long-since already publicly released and is linked on that respective blog of mine. All this is also part of a larger series of my making of which the rest is not Frozen-related.






• Elsa the Snow Queen: •

My skill's unlimited; each line unique as every flake of snow!

The trolls have prophesied your me…

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ResonX ResonX 4 February 2015

Hans Vs. Gaston: The Epic Rap Battle (Moleman's Epic Rap Battles)







• Gaston: •

Bonjour, asshole! You wanna duke it out with this?

Dan Plainview drinks milkshakes, and I finish your sandwiches!

Burst in, kick your ass, and plant that true love's French kiss;

People love to hate me; you just plain get folks pissed!

There's Norway you can win; no one raps like Gaston!

I'll send you falling to your death; happy trails, Hans!

Yeah, I failed to kill Beast, but I can topple you, at least;

Drive you mad and have you locked away like Crazy Old Maurice!

Got that operatic voice, bass–baritone range,

Just like my great–uncle Brom; you're m…

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Gemma Linas Buquiran Gemma Linas Buquiran 9 January 2015

Frozen Movie & Music

Classic Author: Ms. Gemma Linas Buquiran

Director Chris Buck slides the magic of snow - from Hans Christian Andersen's Gerda, singing about roses in a window box garden' reminding of her love for Kai - to Queen Elsa of Arendelle, singing about snow to 'Let It Go' reminding her of fearless & protective love for her sister Princess Anna!

'Frozen' came with a Knight bearing 'Innocent love in the scale of fear versus love' robed as childhood snowman, Olaf -the comic snowman Anna and Elsa built together as kids.

The film inspires us to remember: The only footprint that remains in snow - is the good heart that sets its power free for the sake of hope and love. That is why 'The cold never bothered me anyway!'

'Frozen' is a blaze of Innocent Love! Inn…

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Gcheung28 Gcheung28 23 December 2014

Year in Fandom 2014 - Frozen Inspired Lotion Bars

2014 was a great year for fans, especially for Disney fans! Frozen came out and became one of the biggest, most popular movies we've seen, and its characters and songs were EVERYWHERE! There were Frozen costumes, song covers, fanart, and so much more!

Wikia has teamed up with Maker Studios for a series of fandom videos, and we've got one for Frozen fans! The video below is "Easy DIY Lotion Bars" inspired by the film, and is perfect for movie and DIY fans. Check it out!

Head over to Year in Fandom Wikia for more great videos like this one!

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XD1 XD1 20 November 2014

Disney's Frozen Sing-along Giveaway

Disney’s Frozen Sing-Along Edition is now available on Digital HD for you to take anywhere when you sign up for Disney Movies Anywhere! Today also marks Walmart’s VUDU service joining Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) as a participating retailer, further enhancing the ability to manage and enjoy your digital collections of Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies at home and on the go.

In Disney Movies Anywhere, consumers can explore Disney’s library of over 400 active digital titles from Disney, Pixar, and Marvel; preview upcoming offerings and enjoy hours of free new and exclusive short-form content; and discover curated content based on their individual preferences. In addition to browsing titles available for purchase, consumers can redeem Digital C…

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XD1 XD1 20 November 2014

Disney's Frozen Sing-along Giveaway/Official Rules

Official Rules for Disney's Frozen Sing-along Giveaway.


2. Promotion Description.

The Transformers Animated: The Complete Series Giveaway Contest (the “Promotion") is a sweepstakes promotion where individuals who create an account and leave a comment on the blog (note: you must be logged in to leave a comment) will be eligible to be randomly selected from all eligible entries. Accounts and blog entries completed from 12:01 PST on November 19, 2014 to 23:59 PST on Dec 3, 2014 (the “Promotion Period”) will be eligible to win one (1) of the prizes listed below.

One (1) Grand Prize winner will receive the following:

The Prize: One (1) "Disney's Frozen Sing-Along Prize Pack" which includes:

  • Disney's Fr…
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Buckmana Buckmana 8 August 2014

Frozen in Disney Infinity

A collection of my activities in Disney Infinity relating to Frozen.

Just for fun, I took my Anna and Elsa figures to see the Frozen movie with me at the cinema.

I was working on a realistic recreation of the Frozen set in Disney Infinity.
Unforunately I ran out of memory before I could finish my work, but I got most of it done.
My best work was Elsa's Ice Palace, complete with modelled interior.
If anyone wants to know how to build this for themselves, I have a tutorial which will allow you to copy my model.
Let met know if you want it and I will post it for you to read.

Shovel Vs Frying Pan
Just an idea I had.
In Disney Infinity, the Corona Guards (Tangled) use a frying pan as a weapon to attack the player character.
When I saw Anna use a shovel …

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BlouseGirl BlouseGirl 4 July 2014

Hate on Frozen

Hello everyone, please try bothering yourselves to reading this extremely long blog post I'm about to write to everyone:

Okay, so... the hate on the most popular pages on the wiki, "Let It Go" and "Frozen" have been "raided" by hate, you could say. A LOT of people on YouTube and other social media sites (like Facebook, etc...) have been invading the comments section by saying stuff like "Frozen is a load of garbage... No difference to other Disney movies", and the one I hate most is just too straight: "I HATE FROZEN." Frozen teaches kids and everyone else a lesson to be who you are and embrace it, letting go of what hurts you the most, sisterly love, feminine power, and I could literally go on forever. The thing I really hate about the powe…

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Mysteriouse Stranger Mysteriouse Stranger 21 June 2014

Movie Secrets

Whenever I can I will post something you might didnt' know about Frozen.

  • Elsa oringinaly was suppose to be evil
  • Do You Want To Build a Snow Man almost didnt make it to the movie
  • There is a rock & roll reighdeers are better than people
  • Rapuzel and Flyn Rider (Eugeen PitsHerbert =) are in the movie (cameo)
  • There is a Mickey Mouse toy in Oakens Trading Post and Suna

  • Olaf elbos only move in his song

Thats all for now!

  • When the king of Arrendale opens this book there is this picture. I will try to figure out what is up with this pic.
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FrozenFractals FrozenFractals 12 May 2014

My version of Frozen 2

This is my rough idea for what I would like to see in Frozen 2. Please feel free to tell me your opinion, I would love to hear it!                                                                                                                                                                                          

                                                           One year after Frozen

Hans is released from his punishment on the Southern Isles. (I imagined him doing labor like mopping the castle, cleaning the stable, etc.) All he wants is getting revenge on Anna and Elsa by getting Arendelle for himself. His only chance, he thinks, is somehow getting rid of Elsa. He goes to an old mage who had been banished by his father for practic…

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Expertnico06 Expertnico06 12 May 2014

Frozen Theory

Ø           Anna and Elsa’s parents was gonna go to Rapunzel’s wedding, their cousin.

Ø           Their ship sinks that Ariel saw.

Ø          They didn’t die, they got to this island.

Ø          Gave birth to a kid named Tarzan.

Ø          They were eaten by a cheetah.

Ø          Tarzan is the husband of a girl named Jane (from Peter Pan: Return to Neverland)

Mind Blown!

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Fozen: Rage of the Fire King

Before you read this, please know that because some of the ideas are originally from Disney's Frozen, I give half the credit to Disney for this story. I hope you like it, it took me about three months to get it all down after generating the ideas from my head. the *s are the beginning of a new part of the story, and will obviously be at the beginning. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Frozen: Rage of the Fire King

*“Uncle Tony, Uncle Tony! Come on, it’s time for bed!” Tonio was deep in his thoughts when his niece and nephew reminded him what time it was, “Alright, I’m coming.” Every night, Tonio told the twins a story, and they loved all his stories; stories about kings and queens, dragons,…

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TheAlphatheOmega TheAlphatheOmega 16 April 2014

Frozen 2

Yeah, I have been talking about my upcoming fanfic F2 for awhile now, and even though I have been working on it for a week and a half or so, I only now decided to bite the bullet and post the Scene One plot outline on the fanon wikia. Just thought I'd announce this in case anyone still cared about F2(other than me ofc).

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BlouseGirl BlouseGirl 18 February 2014

Head Admin Change

Dear everyone,

This is Iris, and it HAD to come to this, but Chad's resigning as Head Admin. :(. He's going over to the other Frozen Wiki, so wish him luck! :) Let's thank him for making Frozen Wiki an awesome experience for all of us. Me especially. Without him, I wouldn't have been an admin! 

BUT he has come to a decision, and he's made me the Head Admin! That means I'll be in charge of the chat meetings and interview, etc. :D *YESSSSS!!* So, thank you very much, Chad! But no, I don't mean redo the whole Wiki, despite the founder Littlerat1. I'm sure she's the head of everything, so... 

Btw, let's continue the polls of the months, but maybe add the other admins in? There's some that haven't been added yet. 

That's all! Thanks for reading!


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BlouseGirl BlouseGirl 7 February 2014

Frozen Wiki Update

Dear all,

I would like to congratulate the people who have recently become new admins, but seriously, the thing that I would like to tell you guys is the other Frozen Wiki, that has been created slightly before this Wiki, claims that we have copied from their wiki. I am not going to disagree with this, but our cursor is competely the same, our notifications are the same, and even our main header is the same as the other Wiki! 

I have no idea who done this, but I don't think it's right to copy their work. So, can we please change this into something else? Say... a snowball or a snowman?


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LoveKiss LoveKiss 22 January 2014


Hi, it's me PetLoverGirl and I'm helping in this wiki ;)

Ok, so how do we got more users interested in this wiki?

Do we have to put more decorations?

Any ideas?

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LoveKiss LoveKiss 22 January 2014

Frozen Pairs

Hi, I'm here to tell you about the Frozen Pairs:

Hans's first brother x Elsa of Arendelle

Hans's second brother x Anna of Arendelle

Elsa x Hans

Anna x Kristoff

I'm putting those right know, I'll put more and comment of which is better for love pairs ;)

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Shanarorianah Shanarorianah 20 January 2014


Frozen the first disney movie to teach girls that you don't need a man to save you

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BlouseGirl BlouseGirl 18 January 2014

Funny facts about Frozen

Hey guys! :) This is my firsts ever blog post on this Wiki, so I'd like to start it with a good vibe.

Last night, I was reading an article about Frozen and found out that Elsa has 420,000 strands of hair. This may sound awkward and weird because, well... That isn't possible at all! XD We only have 100,000 strands of hair, but since Elsa is magical, she has more hair than we do. "So she has incredibly dense, incredibly thick hair. And just as another point of comparison, one of our last famous Disney leading ladies Rapunzel, only had 27,000 hairs." ~Hanner. 

I also found out that there are approximately 2,000 different types of snowflakes in the film."Whenever you see any snow falling in this film, if you stop in on a frame and you zoom in, i…

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Littlerat1 Littlerat1 7 January 2014


Hi everyone!

It seems that we havnt done anything much lately.

I think we need to do something thats make the freezie spirit rise!

I dont have anything in mind but PLEASE comment below if you have any ideas

like,a celebration,poll, or anthing to bring us together

In those terms,

plleeeaaase keep editing and having fun!

Your fellow freezie,

Littlerat1 or Audrey

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Littlerat1 Littlerat1 5 January 2014

great news!!

Attention freezies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This wiki will NOT shut down!!!!!!!

Please return to this wiki and keep editing our pages!

Addie is no longer with us do to un public reasons..............

But why not be that ONE person to step up and help us rise up and take control one again!

That just reminded me of when Elas builds her ice castle in her song "Let It Go"

Elsa WAS the character of the year but it is 2014 now so im thinking about starting a new poll with everyone BUT Elsa so we can have a new winnerfor a new year!

Back to the news,i hope everyone will enjoy this wiki and welcome back freezies!!!!!

from your frosty friend,

Littlerat1 or Audrey

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Littlerat1 Littlerat1 1 January 2014

bad news

attention freezeis!!! bad news everyone

The Frozen wiki might be shut down.

Addie,Chad,and I talked to some other contributer or admin or founder (i dont know which one) from another wiki,that wiki has more pages so it was settled that addie,chad I will be admins on that wiki soooo it isnt completly settled I dont think but in two days i think it said the frozen wiki may shut down forever!

but theres always that other wiki i mentioned! I dont have the link so i cant post it.

If this wiki does shut down i just want to say thanks for helping everyone and long live the frozen wiki freezies!!!

thanks again,

Littlerat1 aka Audrey

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DaughterofPoseidon14 DaughterofPoseidon14 28 December 2013

Using your Admin Dashboard

There is a SECRET to getting to your admin Dashboard.

In Jason's case- you write- Special:AdminDashboard after his wiki link. 

On any wiki- just add : Special:AdminDashboard after the link.

Then if you press enter and have access to the Admin Dashboard- this will show up. 

However if you do not have rights- like me currently on Jason's wiki- this will show up instead.

Next, if you want to PROMOTE someone then go to the USER RIGHTS BUTTON. Then type in the username that you want to promote/block. Look at the following picture. 

Then hit ENTER. There you will see a list of a buncj of rights. Select B-Crat or all boxes for the desired position of that person. As I have done on …

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Addielpsgurl Addielpsgurl 21 December 2013


We also need more admins on this wiki....just sayin..

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