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The songs are the songs sung by the characters, such as [[Anna]] singing "Love is an open door" with [[Hans]], "First time in Forever" (reprise and original), and "Do you wanna build a snowman", with [[Elsa]] singing "Let it go",  and "First time in Forever" (reprise and original).
This category is for the lyrical compositions from ''[[Frozen]]'', including deleted songs.
The trolls sang "Fixer Upper", [[Olaf]] sang his "Summer" song, leaving [[Kristoff]] and [[Sven]] to sing "[[Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People|Reindeers are better than people]]". 
Although, there have been some deleted songs that will later on be added to this Wiki. "[[Life's Too Short]]" is one of the songs sung by both Elsa and Anna, but has been deleted by Disney because of the consideration of the word "prophecy", and the personalities do not match. 

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This category is for the lyrical compositions from Frozen, including deleted songs.

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