The courtyard was transformed into an ice rink following Elsa's restoration of summer.

The courtyard is an open space between the main structure of the castle and the gates.


When the castle was opened up to accommodate Elsa's coronation, the courtyard served as the gathering place for the citizens of Arendelle, who stayed well into the night for a chance to see their new queen. However, the encounter did not go as expected, for Elsa revealed her powers by freezing one of the courtyard's fountains.

After Elsa reversed her winter spell and restored summer to Arendelle, the courtyard was opened up to the kingdom's citizens and transformed into an ice rink. For decorative flair, Elsa created intricate structures in the form of ice pillars and frozen fountain water.

For Arendelle's first Christmas since the castle gates were reopened, the courtyard served as a venue for the start of the holidays.

For Anna's nineteenth birthday, the courtyard was used to host the party. Tables were lined throughout the area and were topped with food and drink. The space was also decorated with a large banner and ice pillars, and Elsa froze the water in the fountains into an intricate design.


The courtyard is a large open area whose cobblestone surface is bare save for a pair of fountains situated near its center. As with many of the kingdom's designs, both fountains are designed around a crocus motif. A large rosemaling pattern is integrated into the cobblestone surface and consists of stones of varying colors and textures. There is a passage around the perimeter with a wall on one side and a colonnade open to the courtyard on the other. In the vicinity of the courtyard are the entrances to both the castle's main structure and the chapel.


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