"[My father] taught me never to take the good for granted. He'd say be prepared: just when you think you have found your way life will throw you onto a new path."
— Mattias to Anna

Destin[1] Mattias is a soldier of Arendelle. He was appointed as Agnarr's official guard beforebeinng trapped in the Enchanted Forest. On returning to Arendelle he was made a general.



Mattias is shown to be friendly and courageous as well as loyal to the Royal Family of Arendelle. He was deeply saddened to learn of Agnarr's death, having greatly cared for the boy and extended this care and loyalty towards Agnarr's daughters Elsa and Anna. While originally hostile towards the Northuldra due to the 34 year long war, he accepted peace with them with ease, even leaving the Enchanted Forest arm-in-arm with their leader. While shocked by the truth of what his king had done and aware of the danger breaking the dam posed, Mattias courageously chose to do the right thing and to aid Anna in destroying the dam.

He showed possible romantic feelings towards one of the other residents of Arendelle though he didn't seem to realize this. Mattis was relieved to learn that she wasn't seeing anyone else in the time that he was gone, though he didn't understand why he was so relieved by this. They appeared to have started a romantic relationship following his return home.



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