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The dignitaries are four individuals hailing from France, Germany, Ireland, and Spain. They traveled to Arendelle to attend Elsa's coronation. When Arendelle was plunged into an eternal winter, the French, German, and Spanish dignitaries helped Hans oversee the kingdom.


On the day of Elsa's coronation, the dignitaries arrived in Arendelle and began making their way to the castle. Prior to crossing the bridge over to the gates, the Irish and Spanish dignitaries expressed enthusiasm at the prospect of seeing the queen and princess, certain that the two would be "lovely" and "beautiful". Later, the dignitaries attended Elsa's service in the chapel to witness her crowning; there, they stood as Elsa grasped the orb and scepter and watched while the bishop ordained her as queen. Following the ceremony, the dignitaries attended the coronation party in the Great Hall.

During Elsa's winter, the French, German, and Spanish dignitaries worked closely with the Duke of Weselton and Hans. In the library, the prince deliberated over continuing his search for Anna, but the French dignitary discouraged him, and the Spanish dignitary stated that if anything happened to Anna, Hans would be all Arendelle had left. However, at that moment, Anna was escorted into the library by Kai and Gerda. Wishing to give Hans and Anna some privacy, everyone left the room.

The dignitaries and Duke moved to the council chamber,[1] where the latter complained of the growing cold. A short while later, Hans stumbled into the room and stated that Anna had died by her sister's hand, prompting the dignitaries and Duke to react with alarm. Realizing that there was no one else, the Spanish dignitary informed Hans that Arendelle "[looked] to [him]". At this, Hans charged Elsa with treason and sentenced her to death.

Ultimately, the dignitaries realized that Hans had lied to them after witnessing Anna stop his attempt to murder Elsa from atop the castle walls. Watching Elsa sob over Anna's frozen body, the dignitaries grieved alongside her. However, Anna then thawed out, and the dignitaries watched with wonder as Elsa began restoring summer to Arendelle. After Anna punched Hans in the face for his treachery, the dignitaries laughed and cheered while praising the princess for her action. Hans was later thrown into a brig of a ship, and the French dignitary informed Kai of his intention to take the prince back to the Southern Isles to face judgment from his twelve older brothers.





  • Despite having a prominent speaking role relative to the others, the French dignitary's voice actor is uncredited.


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