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"No, Anna, I belong here. Alone. Where I can be who I am ... without hurting anybody."
— Elsa explaining the necessity of her exile to Anna

Elsa (born December 21, 1821[5] at 9:33am[6]) is the daughter of Agnarr and Iduna, the older sister of Anna and the former queen of Arendelle. She was born with the powers to manipulate ice and snow and, as a child, used them to entertain her sister. However, after Elsa accidentally hurt Anna with her powers and Anna's memories had to be erased, she grew afraid of her powers and was unable to appropriately control them. She lived in fear of hurting anyone with her powers, and spent much of her formative years shut out from the world. Although it pained her greatly to do so, Elsa also found it necessary to distance herself from her family so there would be no risk of causing further harm.

After Elsa's powers were exposed at her coronation, she fled Arendelle, and found peace in being able to experiment with her powers whilst away from people she might harm. Ultimately, Elsa was able to rekindle her relationship with her sister after learning how to fully control and appreciate her powers.

Three years later revealing her powers, Elsa and Anna embarked on a journey to the Enchanted Forest in search of a mysterious voice Elsa was hearing. Once there, Elsa made her way to Ahtohallan where she found the source of the voice and became the fifth spirit, the bridge between humanity and nature. She also discovered the truth as to why the forest had been cursed. Together, the sisters corrected the wrongs committed by their grandfather, saving both the Enchanted Forest and Arendelle. Elsa decided to remain in the forest, bestowing the crown of Arendelle upon Anna.


Early life[]

Early childhood[]

Elsa was born on December 21, 1821[5] to King Agnarr and Queen Iduna of Arendelle. She weighed seven pounds, and was born during the occurrence of the aurora borealis.[7] Her birth was also accompanied by an unanticipated weather event that blanketed the village with crystals of ice.[7] When Elsa was three years old, Anna was born, and the two grew to be the best of friends. Eventually, Elsa discovered that she had the ability to produce ice and snow and used her powers to enhance her play with Anna.

One night, at the age of eight,[3] Elsa's father told her the story of an enchanted forest. Its importance to Elsa would not become apparent until she was older.


At one point when Elsa was likely 8 or 9 years old, she was shaking awake by Anna, who could not sleep due to the activity of the northern lights and wanted to play. Though Elsa initially insisted they sleep, she excitedly got up when Anna suggested building a snowman. The two stealthily set out for the spacious Great Hall, where Elsa used her magic to cover the room with ice and snow, much to Anna's delight. The sisters immediately tasked themselves with what they set out to do by building a snowman, whom Elsa named Olaf. The two continued to play, skating around the Great Hall and even sliding down a snowy hill.


Elsa was horrified that she had hurt Anna with her magic.

The girls continued their game, with Anna requesting more of Elsa's magic. She leaped from one snowy heap to another, encouraging Elsa to use her magic to make each heap taller than the last. Though she wanted to do as Anna had asked, Elsa found herself struggling to keep pace, and she slipped on the icy floor while Anna was in mid-leap. Elsa fired a bolt of ice magic in an attempt to cushion Anna's fall, but in her haste, the beam was poorly aimed and struck Anna in the temple, sending her tumbling unconscious into a snowy mound and then to the floor. Worrying for Anna's safety, Elsa cried for her parents while her escalating fear caused her powers to act uncontrollably, engulfing the Great Hall in ice and toppling the snowman the sisters had built.

Agnarr and Iduna burst through the doors. While Agnarr remarked that Elsa's powers were getting out of control, Iduna checked on Anna, concerned that she was "ice-cold". Agnarr went to the library and found a book containing an image of a troll using healing magic along with a map to the Valley of the Living Rock. Without further ado, the family departed for the valley on horseback; Elsa's fear resulted in the formation of a trail of ice behind the horse she was riding.

Upon arriving arriving at the valley, Agnarr called out a plea for help. The trolls responded by rolling out into the open to greet the unexpected visitors, and were surprised upon realizing it was the royal family. An elderly troll, Pabbie, made his way over and examined Anna. Though Anna's state seemed critical, Pabbie noted that it was fortunate that Anna had not been struck in the heart and that healing her head would be a relatively simple task. After Agnarr urged Pabbie to do whatever was necessary, Elsa watched as the elderly troll proceeded to remove her magic, even going so far as to erase Anna's memories of her sister's powers as a precautionary measure. To her family's relief, Anna smiled, indicating that Pabbie's healing was taking effect.

Elsa heeding Pabbie's warning

Elsa was alarmed by Pabbie's warning regarding her powers.

Pabbie then turned to Elsa and warned her that her powers would only continue to grow and that they were beautiful but dangerous. He urged Elsa to learn to control her abilities but commented that "fear [would] be [her] enemy". At this, Agnarr assured Pabbie that Elsa could learn to control her magic and decided that until such a time, the castle gates would be locked, and Elsa's contact with people would be limited, including with Anna. Agnarr had the two separated and moved Elsa and her belongings to a new room. Though Elsa appeared unhappy with the new separation, she realized the necessity of the situation and accepted it.

Hidden from the world[]

Elsa scared of her powers

Though Elsa tried her best to control her powers, they continued to grow at a rapid rate.

In the years that followed, Elsa's only contact with others was through her parents. Anna implored her sister time and time again to spend time with her, but failed at every turn. Agnarr worked closely with Elsa to help her attain control, giving her a pair of gloves to suppress her powers. However, in spite of the gloves, Elsa's powers continued to manifest, and when she accidentally froze a portion of her room, Elsa was horrified at the increasing potency of her abilities and even refused her parents to come close, fearing she would hurt them.

When Elsa was eighteen, Agnarr and Iduna prepared to depart on a two-week voyage. Elsa formally curtsied them as they left, but, feeling worried, questioned them about the necessity of their journey. Agnarr assured Elsa that she would be fine and departed with Iduna. Unfortunately, the king and queen perished when their vessel capsized during a deadly sea storm. A funeral was held, but Elsa did not attend, opting instead to mourn alone within her bedroom; her emotions resulted in the room being completely overtaken by ice. Though Anna tried once more to reach out to her sister, Elsa did not respond.

Coronation day[]

The ceremony[]

Elsa nervous about her coronation

Nervous about her powers being exposed, Elsa practiced suppressing them.

Three years after the passing of Agnarr and Iduna, Elsa had finally come of age and was ready to embrace the responsibilities of being a queen. The castle gates were to be open for her coronation to accommodate the representatives from other lands who had come to witness the coronation. It was also an opportunity for the citizens of Arendelle to see their new queen.

Having hidden from the world for so long, Elsa was apprehensive due to the potential risk that her powers would be exposed. She practiced grasping the orb and scepter in the library while gazing at a portrait of her father's coronation, repeating the mantra he had taught her. Though she froze the candlestick and ornament with which she was practicing, Elsa reminded herself the gates would only be open for that day and proceeded to tell the guards to open them. She headed out onto a balcony that overlooked the courtyard to view the arriving guests before making her way to the chapel for her coronation.

Elsa freezing orb and scepter

Her fears overtaking her, Elsa began to cover the orb and scepter with a layer of frost.

At the chapel, Elsa was crowned by the bishop. As part of the ceremony, she was required to grasp the orb and scepter, however she had to be prompted to remove her gloves. Though anxious, she continued the ceremony as directed, becoming increasingly worried about her powers being noticed as they traveled up the items. As soon as the bishop concluded his statement, she replaced the items back on the pillow and slipped on her gloves. Regaining composure, Elsa turned to face the rejoicing crowd, giving a small smile.


Anna and Elsa at the party

Initially only capable of awkward glances, Elsa and Anna slowly grew comfortable in each other's company.

Following the ceremony, the delegates headed into the Great Hall for the post-coronation festivities. After Kai introduced them to the guests, Elsa and Anna found themselves standing next to each other and unsure of what to say, they both exchanged surreptitious glances. However, Elsa finally greeted her sister and though Anna was taken aback, they slowly eased into a comfortable conversation.

This reunion was interrupted by Kai, who introduced the two sisters to the Duke of Weselton, who represented Arendelle's closest trading partner and wanted to offer Elsa her first dance as queen. Elsa politely refused the Duke's offer, stating she did not dance and suggested that the Duke dance with Anna. Before Anna could protest, the Duke pulled her away and after Anna looked at her desperately, Elsa silently apologized with a wave.

Elsa and Anna at party

Elsa told Anna the castle could not always be so lively.

As Anna continued to dance with the Duke, Elsa watched from afar, amused at her sister's predicament. When Anna finished the dance and returned to her side, the two of them briefly poked fun at the Duke. Anna commented that she wished the castle could always be this vibrant, and though Elsa agreed, she interjected that it was not possible. Anna asked why, but Elsa interrupted by saying "It just can't". When Anna excused herself, Elsa sadly watched her sister go.

Her powers revealed[]

A short time later, Anna introduced Elsa to Hans and happily informed her sister of her intention to marry him. Shocked by her sister's proclamation, Elsa firmly told Anna that there would be no marriage and asked Anna if they could have a moment alone. However, Anna refused and promptly told Elsa that if she had an objection, she should address both of them. Relenting, Elsa told Anna that she could not marry a man she had just met. Though Anna continued to argue, Elsa asserted that she would not bless the marriage and told a guard that the party was over and that the gates were to be closed; the guard swiftly obliged. Elsa tried to walk away, but Anna frantically reached for her, removing her glove in the process, and said that she could not stand living in isolation anymore. Though it pained her, Elsa curtly responded by suggesting that Anna leave. As Elsa turned away again, Anna loudly asked to know what she had done to deserve this treatment and demanded that Elsa explain her fears.

Elsa produces ice spikes

Elsa accidentally exposed her powers.

Her patience wearing thin, Elsa turned to face Anna and gestured angrily with her hand, causing ice spikes to erupt across the floor. Immediately regretting her outburst, Elsa fled the room and found a large number of citizens in the courtyard, hoping to catch a glimpse of their new queen. Disconcerted, Elsa backed into a fountain, causing the water to freeze solid. The situation escalated when the Duke of Weselton came into the courtyard with his guards and demanded that someone stop her; Elsa pleaded with the Duke to keep his distance, but accidentally shot a blast of ice at him, causing him and his guards to slip. Further provoked, he branded her a "monster." Glancing around at the fearful crowd, Elsa raced across the fjord, freezing it and casting a spell of eternal winter over the entire kingdom.

Alone, but free[]

Elsa Let It Go

Letting go of her fears, Elsa embraced her powers and freely experimented with her abilities.

Elsa soon found herself on the North Mountain. Initially, she brooded over her loneliness and her failure to conceal her powers, but upon realizing that she was too far away to hurt anyone, Elsa began to experiment with her powers, embracing the aspect of her that she had tried to hide for so long.

Starting out with simple blasts of snow, Elsa slowly picked up confidence, rebuilding Olaf and constructing an icy staircase to cross a gorge. Wishing to test her limits, Elsa stamped her foot, generating a massive snowflake; building upon this hexagonal base, Elsa raised her arms upward and caused the snowflake to rise on ice beams, creating walls, archways, and a glistening chandelier as she ascended.

Wishing to live out her days alone in her new palace, Elsa resolved never to return to Arendelle, and in a symbolic renunciation of her past, she threw away her crown, let down her hair, and transformed her coronation dress into a new ice dress. As the sun rose, Elsa stepped out onto the balcony, and illuminated by the light of dawn, she reveled in her newfound freedom.

Elsa's curse[]

Though Elsa was determined to live alone, Anna still managed to find her. When she heard her sister enter the ice palace and call out her name, Elsa stood at the top of a staircase, greeting Anna with a gleaming smile. Struck by the beauty of Elsa's new look, Anna wasted no time in complimenting her sister. Thanking her for the kind words, Elsa seemed to welcome Anna's presence, informing her that prior to leaving Arendelle, she had never known the extent of her capabilities. However, as Anna began to ascend the steps to get closer, Elsa started to back away, still fearful of potentially hurting her. Elsa insisted that Anna return home to Arendelle, but Anna argued that it was where Elsa belonged too. Refusing to yield, Elsa asserted that her place was away from the kingdom, free to be who she was without endangering anyone.

Elsa remembering the past

Despite Anna's best efforts, Elsa was still haunted by the past.

At that moment, Elsa was astonished to see Olaf gleefully entering the ice palace of his own accord. With Olaf present, Elsa reminisced on her happy childhood with Anna, but the memory of the accident soon overwhelmed her, and with her fleeting smile replaced by a look of sorrow, Elsa turned away from Anna, dismissing her. But Anna refused to relent and pursued Elsa up the steps, fervently insisting that they could make things right.

Elsa asserted that Anna return home, acknowledging her self-imposed exile as a necessary act. However, after being informed that she had cast an eternal winter over the kingdom and brought suffering upon its inhabitants, Elsa grew fearful. She stated that she did not know how to reverse the effects of her magic and began to produce a swirl of snow around herself in panic. Horrified at what her powers had done, Elsa regarded them as a "curse" once more. Despite her sister's attempts to reassure her, she continued to panic and eventually gathered the swirl of snow into herself and released it as a blast of ice magic, unwittingly striking Anna in the heart.

Elsa feels her power is a curse

With Anna's revelation that Arendelle was plagued by eternal winter, Elsa found herself feeling her powers to be a curse once more.

Whirling around at the sound of Anna's cry of pain, Elsa gasped at her sister's kneeling form but had little time to process what had happened, as Kristoff rushed in to help Anna to her feet. Scared by the appearance of another individual that she could hurt with her powers, Elsa demanded that they leave immediately. However, Anna remained resolute in staying until Elsa agreed to accompany her, saying they could figure out what to do together. Seeing no other alternative, Elsa used her powers to animate a massive snow monster, Marshmallow, who proceeded to chase the trespassers away.

Growing fear[]

Summit siege[]

Elsa tries to control her powers

Taking stock of what Anna said about the winter, Elsa tasked herself with controlling her abilities, reverting to her father's mantra.

With Anna gone, Elsa tasked herself with controlling her powers, reverting to the mantra her father had taught her. However, this proved futile; as Elsa paced back and forth throughout the top floor of her palace, her emotional state caused ice spikes to grow from the walls and ceiling, transforming the pristine palace sanctuary into yet another prison.

The next morning at sunrise, Hans arrived at the palace with a group of royal guards and the Duke of Weselton's thugs. From the palace doors, Elsa watched Marshmallow attack the intruders but was spotted by the Duke's thugs, who abandoned the fight against the snowman to pursue her. As the thugs charged up the ice staircase leading to the palace doors, Elsa turned and fled to the top floor. However, the thugs soon caught up and cornered Elsa, preparing to finish her off with their crossbows.

Scared, Elsa begged to be left alone, but her plea fell on deaf ears, as one of the Duke's thugs fired an arrow. Lifting her arms instinctively to shield herself, Elsa was able to create an ice wall that stopped the arrow just inches from her face. The thugs tried to reposition themselves for another attempt on the queen's life, but Elsa was now spurred into action and defended herself with her magic. Realizing it was them or her, she fought with a newfound ferocity, pinning one thug against the wall with a cage of spikes, with one threatening to impale his neck. Suddenly whirling to face him, Elsa disarmed the other thug and blocked his attempts to escape by creating ice walls. Despite the thug's efforts to resist, Elsa used another ice wall to push him through the balcony doors, inches from falling to his death.

Elsa faces the guards

Driven by rage, Elsa would have killed the Duke of Weselton's bodyguards if not for Hans' timely intervention.

When Elsa was mere moments from giving into her rage, Hans arrived with the rest of the troop and begged Elsa to stop, telling her not to be "the monster they [feared]" she was. Realizing the truth in Hans' words, Elsa stopped her assault on the thugs. At this point, the thug pinned to the wall took advantage of Elsa's mercy and prepared to fire a bolt at the unsuspecting queen. Catching sight of this movement, Hans rushed to the thug and disrupted his aim, diverting the arrow to the ceiling, where it struck through the ice chandelier hanging above Elsa. As the chandelier came crashing down, Elsa managed to get clear, but the force of the collision caused her to fall and faint.


Elsa and Hans

Believing herself to be a danger to Arendelle, Elsa pleaded with Hans to be freed.

With Elsa incapacitated, Hans took her back to Arendelle and locked her in the castle dungeons. Upon waking up, Elsa found herself pulled taut by shackles chained to the floor. She managed to glance out the window and see Arendelle frozen over. Hans entered the room and Elsa asked why she was brought back to Arendelle. Though Hans replied that he could not allow her to be killed, Elsa insisted that her presence in Arendelle would put its populace at risk and asked to see Anna. Hans said that Anna had not yet returned from the mountains and implored Elsa to restore summer, but the queen told him that she had no control over her powers and that it was imperative that she be freed. Seeing the truth in Elsa's eyes, Hans said that he would do what he could and left the room. Distressed, Elsa heard cracking and looked down to her shackles, realizing they were starting to freeze over.

The blizzard[]


As her emotional state worsened and the need to leave Arendelle overwhelmed her, Elsa watched the storm outside intensify; she glanced around her cell and realized it was icing over. Trying to free herself, Elsa pulled at her shackles. Suddenly, she heard the sound of approaching guards and pulled with increased urgency; to the guards' dismay, the ice had frozen the doors shut, providing Elsa enough time to free herself. The weight of the ice was too great for the cells' structure, and before long, the walls of the cell crumbled, enabling Elsa to escape outside. Freed from the dungeon, Elsa ran out into her storm and across the fjords, but ventured blindly due to the snow and winds.

Elsa devastated by Hans' news

Devastated by Hans' purporting of Anna's death, Elsa collapsed in grief, halting the storm in the process.

As Elsa continued to navigate through her own storm, she was approached by Hans. Though Elsa tried to flee, the prince told her she could not escape the circumstances. Elsa asked Hans to take care of Anna. but Hans claimed that her sister had returned frail and cold, as Elsa had frozen her heart. Hans went on to say that, despite his best efforts, Anna succumbed to the curse and perished. A devastated Elsa sank to her knees and the swirling storm suddenly ceased, the snow suspended in mid-air.

Anna's sacrifice[]

While Elsa's back was turned, Hans unsheathed his blade and slowly began to advance on the queen, preparing to stab her. However, before he could deliver the killing blow, Anna threw herself between Elsa and Hans, and with a final yell of defiance, she froze to solid ice. The sword made contact with her frozen hand and shattered, producing a shock wave that knocked Hans to the ground. Elsa stood up and saw Anna's frozen form. Sorrow began to overwhelm her, and with a sob, she hugged Anna. Around her, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf mourned along silently. The citizens and dignitaries gathered at the castle walls bowed their heads in silent acknowledgement of Anna's sacrifice.

Though all seemed lost, Anna's form suddenly began to thaw, and the princess emerged alive and well; sensing movement, Elsa gazed up at Anna's face, and with a mix of astonishment and relief, she embraced her sister. Initially unsure why Anna had chosen to sacrifice herself for her, Elsa was touched upon hearing her sister reply simply, "I love you". Understanding dawned upon Olaf, and the snowman commented that Anna's sacrifice was an act of true love and that it had thawed her frozen heart.

The Great Thaw[]

Elsa restores summer

Elsa realized that love was the key to controlling her powers and finally restored summer to Arendelle.

Elsa took a moment to process Olaf's statement and came to the conclusion that "love will thaw". Realizing love was the key to controlling her powers, Elsa looked to Anna, confidently held out her arms, and raised them, causing the ice and snow to lift up into the air. Gathering the mass of snow into an enormous snowflake, Elsa spread her hands and scattered it across the sky, leaving a warm summer sky. After demonstrating her newfound control over her powers, Elsa happily turned to Anna, who expressed that she always knew Elsa was capable of thawing Arendelle. When she noticed Olaf starting to melt in the heat, Elsa reacted quickly and produced a personal flurry for him to stay cool.

The peaceful and happy atmosphere was interrupted by the sound of Hans, who had been knocked off his feet from the force of striking Anna's frozen body. To Elsa's surprise, Kristoff started to walk over to Hans, intent on teaching him a lesson. However, Anna stopped Kristoff and chose to personally deal with Hans. When Hans expressed confusion at her thawed state, Anna informed the prince that he was the only one with a frozen heart. After giving Hans a moment to let the words sink in, Anna punched him in the face, causing him to fall into the waters of the fjord below. Overtaken by happiness, Elsa embraced her sister once more.

With Arendelle restored to peace, Elsa returned to her duties as queen, terminating relations with Weselton, and Hans, the Duke of Weselton, and his thugs were expelled from the kingdom. Elsa also helped Anna bestow a new sled upon Kristoff and honored him with the title of "Arendelle Ice Master and Deliverer".

Elsa and Anna in courtyard

With summer's return to Arendelle, the rift between Elsa and Anna was finally healed.

Later, Elsa had the gates opened and invited the whole village inside the courtyard, where she created an ice rink. When Anna commented that she liked the open gates, Elsa assured her that they were "never closing them again". She then used her magic to create a pair of literal ice skates for Anna, who was entranced by their beauty. Then, despite Anna's insistence that she did not skate, Elsa playfully pulled her sister along, and with Olaf's help, she coached Anna. Enjoying the return of summer, the two sisters happily skated amongst their friends and neighbors, grateful to be reunited at last.


To celebrate the festive season, Elsa and her new family prepared a surprise holiday party to celebrate the first formal Christmas the kingdom had seen for thirteen years. Elsa came downstairs to the hall where the preparations had been made, and added frost to the garlands of evergreen wrapped around the banisters. She then explained to Olaf that the celebrations could not begin until the Yule bell had been rung at noon. She gifted Olaf a bow taken from a wreath, and along with Anna the trio made their way out into the courtyard to greet the citizens of Arendelle. Once the Yule bell was hoisted into position, Elsa, Anna and Olaf rang it, signalling the start of the festivities.

After this, however, Elsa was disappointed to see all the citizens returning home. Elsa and Anna tried to convince them to stay, but they all insisted on returning home to prepare their family traditions, leaving Elsa feeling slightly disappointed.

Elsa remembers holidays gone by

Elsa tried to remember what traditions her family had.

Kristoff assured the sisters that they did not need a big party, and explained his own family tradition to them. Elsa's spirits were lifted by the gesture, but some elements of the tradition left her feeling slightly queasy; she turned down Kristoff's offer of his traditional stew, explaining that she had already eaten a big breakfast. Elsa, Anna and Olaf returned to the dining hall, where Anna asked Elsa if she remembered any family traditions from their childhood; all Elsa could remember was ringing the bell with her parents. Overcome with sadness, Elsa apologised to Anna and left the hall, closing the door behind her.

Later that day, Elsa went to Anna's bedroom to apologise for her abrupt exit. She found Anna in the attic space above her bedroom, where Elsa was surprised by Anna springing out of a box where she was looking for family traditions. They looked inside Elsa's own trunk, which was mainly filled with satin gloves; and her beloved childhood toy, Sir Jorgenbjorgen, who she remembered being a good listener. Inside Elsa's chest was also a box, containing what she thought to be the answer to their problem of having no traditions.

When Sven returned from his travels with Olaf, Elsa was there to interpret his message that Olaf was in lost in the forest and needed help. Elsa, Anna and Kristoff set off to gather the citizens and search for Olaf. Eventually, Elsa and the search party made their way into the surrounding forest, where Elsa and Anna soon found Olaf under a pile of snow, upset to have failed in finding traditions for the pair. Elsa assured him that he had not failed, revealing that he was in fact their tradition, and showed him the box of presents Anna had made for Elsa as they grew up, all featuring Olaf. He had been the one that kept Elsa and Anna connected during their years apart, showing that they still loved each other. The pair hugged Olaf, and Elsa then made him a new bow from ice.

Looking at the Christmas tree

Elsa and her family gathered around the Christmas tree.

Elsa and the group began to make their way back through the forest, on the way stopping on a frozen lake. Here, Elsa conjured large tables from ice, where the castle staff and citizens laid down food for everyone. Elsa also created a large Christmas tree, and decorated it with lanterns. To finish the tree, she froze a figurine of Olaf inside a star made of ice, and transported Olaf to the top of the tree, where he placed the decoration. On his return, Elsa commented on how Arendelle now had a new family tradition, whereupon a fruitcake fell on Olaf.

Anna's birthday[]

Birthday preparations

Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven prepared the courtyard for Anna's nineteenth birthday.

On Anna's nineteenth birthday, Elsa was determined to give her sister the best celebration possible to make up for the past birthdays that she had missed. Using her magic, Elsa crafted several figurines of herself and Anna atop an ice cream cake, ultimately settling on a design in which they were skating. Politely smiling at Kristoff and Sven's contribution, a large banner, Elsa went to wipe paint from the ice harvester's face, though her attention was directed at Olaf as he was helping himself to some cake. After stopping the snowman, Elsa told everyone not to touch anything while she went to wake Anna.

After eagerly rousing her sister and giving her a new dress to wear, Elsa sneezed and produced two Snowgies, though the tiny snowmen scampered off before she noticed. Anna voiced her concern that Elsa was coming down with a cold; however, Elsa replied that she did not get colds and proceeded to use her magic to spruce up both her and Anna's dresses. Wanting to get started with the celebration, Elsa told Anna to follow a red string that ran throughout the castle and would lead her to presents. For part of this journey, the two rode a bike around the castle halls and down a spiral staircase.

The two sisters eventually made their way into the village, though Elsa continued sneezing, obliviously producing more Snowgies in the process. Though she tried to continue the birthday celebrations, conducting a choir to sing for Anna, Elsa's state continued to worsen; she was even offered a cold remedy upon encountering Oaken. As the sun set, Elsa led her sister towards the clock tower, but Anna grew more concerned over Elsa's condition. Insisting that she was fine, Elsa climbed up to the top of the tower but nearly fell after swinging around a wooden beam. However, Elsa was saved by her sister, who made her realize that she was indeed sick and that she needed to return home to rest.

Elsa finally in bed

After a long day, Elsa decided to get some rest and allowed Anna to take care of her.

On the way back, Elsa brooded over how she had ruined another birthday, though Anna assured her that this was not the case, instead insisting that Elsa get some rest. However, the two sisters were surprised when the gates opened to reveal the surprise party and the large number of Snowgies in attendance. Initially surprised, Elsa realized that the Snowgies were the result of her sneezes after producing a few more and witnessing them scamper off to join their counterparts in helping to present Anna's cake. Seeing that the celebration was not ruined, Elsa turned to blow the birthday bukkehorn, after which Anna took her to bed. As Elsa rested in bed, Anna gave her some medicine and thanked her for the chance to take care of her, regarding it as the best birthday present ever. Elsa appreciated Anna's words, and after giving her a smile, she sneezed, producing a few more Snowgies.

New beginnings[]

Elsa on balcony

Three years later, Elsa was continuing her duties as queen, hosting royal gatherings at the castle.

Three years had passed since Elsa revealed her powers, and the now twenty-four-year-old Elsa had settled into her position as Arendelle's reigning monarch. Despite this, Elsa was not content with her place, in spite of her companionship with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven, and the acceptance from her subjects. As fall approached Arendelle, Elsa was faced with many questions about who and what she really is, and wondered if her purpose is really meant to be ruling Arendelle. Meanwhile, a strange voice that only Elsa could hear kept calling to her.

One night, as Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf played charades. Despite trying her best to join in, Elsa became distracted when she heard the voice again. When the game finished Elsa told Anna she was tired and left for her room. Anna followed her upstairs and saw Elsa wearing their mother's scarf. Anna comforted Elsa and sung her a lullaby. The sisters both fell asleep, but Elsa was woken by the voice. Elsa wondered if it could perhaps show her where her magical powers came from. Despite her concerns, Elsa decided to follow the voice one night, believing it had something important to tell her.

Into the Unkown

A magical forest revealed itself to Elsa through her magic.

As she followed the voice out of the castle, Elsa let her magic run free, unconsciously generating snowy projections of various scenes and objects, including a gust of wind, a flame, humanoid rocks, and a mystic horse. Elsa, immersed in a spiritual duet with the voice, ran toward a peak overlooking the Arenfjord. The voice disappeared, and Elsa generated a plethora of ice diamonds suspended in the air. Elsa recognized the symbols in the diamonds as elemental signs, before they all collapsed to the ground after the appearance of a large symbol in the sky. Elsa made her way back to the town with the wind violently blowing around her. With the water and fire of the kingdom gone, Elsa realized that the earth was the next thing to be disturbed. Elsa continued through the town, encouraging the citizens to make there way to the cliffs outside of Arendelle.

After everyone evacuated to the cliffs, Elsa admitted to Anna that she had awakened the elemental spirits of the Enchanted Forest, and in doing so, unleashed the elemental forces of the elemental spirits upon Arendelle, forcing the entire village to take refuge. Grand Pabbie arrived, telling Elsa that the elements were acting out from anger of a past offense, and the only way to save Arendelle was to quell their rage and restore balance. He warned Elsa and Anna that the wrong must be righted, or there would be no future for Arendelle. Elsa promised to set things right, and despite her desire to travel alone, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven insisted upon accompanying Elsa on her journey. Olaf shared fun facts with the group on the way there, including that “water has memory.”

Into the unknown[]

Elsa admires the forest

Despite being trapped in the forest, Elsa was still able to appreciate is beauty.

As the group approached the Forest Elsa began hearing the voice again. She told Kristoff to stop talking and he brought the sled to a halt. Elsa led the group round the corner of a cliff where on a plateau an immense mist greeted them. Elsa ran up to meet it; after promising to Anna that they would go through the journey together she reached out and touched the mist which parted for her. The group then started to enter, the mist closing up behind them. Olaf explained that Enchanted Forests were a place of transformation, at which point the mist propelled them through to the Forest. Seeing that they were trapped in, Elsa turned around and marvelled at the beauty of the forest and began to explore it.

The group separated for a time before Anna caught up again with Elsa. They found that Olaf had been swept up in a tornado, which the rest of the group were also taken up in. Elsa used her powers to protect Anna from some flying debris before the wind began investigating Elsa's hands. The rest of the group were ejected, leaving Elsa to use her powers to force her way out. After gaining her footing ghostly images appeared in the wall of the hurricane. The wind dissipated in a sudden burst, leaving frozen statues surrounding Elsa. She realized that they were moments in time. They also recognised their father as one of the statues, with a girl who appeared to be saving him.

The group then begun to hear rustling in the bushes, which revealed itself to be the Northuldra people, who ordered Anna to lower the sword she had picked up. A group of Arendellian soldiers also appeared, demanding the Northuldra to lower their weapons too. As tensions escalated between the two groups, Elsa used her powers to stop them, causing them to slip over. Shocked at her use of magic, Olaf then explained who they were and why they had traveled to the Enchanted Forest, to the embarrassment of Elsa. She explained to the Northuldra leader that she wanted to help, at which point magical fires began to burn the trees surrounding the group.

Fire and Ice

Elsa was able to calm the fire spirit, befriending him in the process.

Elsa chased down the source of the flames, protecting the Northuldra encampment and extinguishing the flames Anna had run through to keep her from harm. Cornering the creature, she realized it was a small frightened salamander. Elsa diffused one final fire started by the salamander, at which point it began to calm down and climb onto her hands. After showing Elsa that she should keep travelling north, Anna caught up with her sister. Elsa berated her for trying to follow her into the flames, to which Anna retorted that she should not run into fire in the first place. Elsa apologised and gave Anna their mother's scarf from her satchel. The Northuldra reacted in amazement, informing the sisters that the scarf was from one of their oldest families. Elsa and Anna rushed back to the statue of their father, realizing that the girl saving him was in fact their mother. The Northuldra then gathered in song and formally introduced themselves, whereupon Elsa promised to find the truth about what had happened and restore the forest.

The group remained at the encampment, where Honeymaren explained the elements and her existence of a fifth spirit, said to be the bridge between magic and nature. The Earth Giants were them heard traveling towards the camp, at which point Elsa hid behind a tree. Tempted to follow, she was talked down by Anna. Deciding that they put everyone else in unnecessary danger, Elsa informed Anna that they would leave immediately. Unable to find Kristoff and Sven, Anna and Olaf departed with Elsa.

Continuing north[]

On their way, Elsa tried to attract the siren call of the voice by calling back to it in the same fashion. The wind spirit caught up with the group, which drew their attention to a flag situated just over the crest of a hill. Elsa ran to the top, followed by Anna. The sisters, in horror, recognised the large ship they saw as that of their parent's. They entered through a breach in its hull, alarmed to find the ship so far north in the Dark Sea when it was thought the ship was sunk in the Southern Sea. Anna located a waterproof compartment which contained unrecognisable inscriptions on a piece of paper, along with a map which displayed the route taken by the ship.

Anna reassures Elsa

After discovering how their parents died, Anna had to reassure Elsa that it was not her fault.

Recognising their mother's handwriting, and with the allusion to water having memory, Elsa summoned the water contained in the ship to discover what had happened to her parents. An ice sculpture of them formed of them embracing one another. Deeply distressed, Elsa fled the scene. Wracked with guilt over her indirect role in her parents' death, Elsa told Anna how she must continue alone, reasoning that the Dark Sea was too dangerous for the two of them. Anna insisted on going her, pleading that she did not want to see Elsa die trying to be everything for everyone else. With Anna telling her that she could not lose her sister, Elsa hugged and reciprocated her sister's sentiment. She invited Olaf to join in the hug, with Elsa then conjuring up a canoe for them, sending Anna and Olaf speedily along an icy path back towards the forest.


Elsa continued north, where she reached a coastline on along the Dark Sea. Removing her cloak, jacket and boots, she attempted to cross with the use of her magic, but was hampered by the ferocity of the waves. On her second attempt she was able to pass through one wave, only to be swamped by another, even larger one that sent her down beneath the waves. It was here that the water horse approached her. Once back at the surface, the horse rose from the depths to meet her. The two engaged in a melee which involved the horse pushing Elsa beneath the waves, Elsa freezing the horse, which then dispersed, and Elsa being thrown around again at the surface. Being dragged along by the horse with her hand in its mouth, Elsa conjured up a magical rein which attached around the horse's head. Mounting the spirit, the horse attempted to eject Elsa, but after a moment calmed and allowed itself to be steered, taking Elsa towards Ahtohallan. The waters calmed, and Elsa again heard the voice calling to her.

Elsa on Nøkk

After taming the Nøkk, Elsa used it to continue her journey towards Ahtohallan.

Arriving at Ahtohallan, Elsa ventured into the glacier in search of the source of the voice, which made itself known to her in the form of a bright light. She followed the light source through icy caverns where she encountered s few obstacles which she handled with ease. After crossing a chasm using icy pillars she constructed, and moving aside other obstacles in a large antechamber, she came to another room; the entrance burst into the suspended icy diamonds she had seen in Arendelle. With some apprehension, Elsa entered, where once inside the elemental symbols appeared to her. The crystals sequentially formed themselves into the four elemental spirits, before transforming into larger forms of the elemental symbols. She lowered the four large shards to the floor, forming a four-pronged star. Stepping into the center, a snowflake pattern burst outward from where she stood and a huge burst of energy shot up around her, which descended the sides of the room to reveal memories of the past. The voice's call revealed itself to be that of her mother as a child, calling out to the wind spirit to rescue Elsa's father. Turning around, Elsa was presented with the memory of her mother singing to her the lullaby from her childhood. Overcome with emotion, Elsa then had a white dress bestowed upon her with the elemental symbols infused into it. Elsa was the fifth spirit, the connection between the magic of nature and people.

Show Yourself

Elsa discovered the her true calling in life as the Fifth Spirit.

Overcome with joy, Elsa then took the surrounding memories and swept them up into a large snowy swirl, forming them into snowy animate figures that represented memories. After seeing some her own memories, and those of her mother and father, she heard the voice of her grandfather talking with an aide. She approached them, where despite the guard's insistence that the Northuldra were no threat, her grandfather still found cause to be suspicious, distrusting their relationship with magic. He stated that magic led people to become too entitled, leading them to defy the will of a king. Elsa retorted that this was because of his own fears of what he did not understand. The figures continued walking through a wall, down deeper into the caverns. Elsa decided to follow, making a forming an entrance the wall. She continued down deeper into Ahtohallan, descending further into the cold and dark of the caverns - so cold that Elsa began to shiver. Elsa soon uncovered the truth alluded to by the lullaby: that the dam was in fact not a gift, but a ruse intended to weaken the Northuldra's lands, and the gathering as a way to make the Northuldra drop their guard and for Runeard to be able to asses their numbers. The memory of the Northuldra leader appealing to Runeard revealed itself, with him informing the King of the dam harming the forest. Watching from afar, Elsa continued to grow colder, with ice forming on her hands. Runeard asked the leader to meet him by the waters of the fjord, where he struck down the Northuldra leader while his back was turned. Elsa called out and began to move forward, but found herself frozen to the spot where she stood; she began to completely freeze. In her last moments she called to Anna, sending what she had learned up in a burst of magic before freezing completely.


With this information, Anna was able to correct the wrongs of the past and restore harmony to the forest, lifting the curse and thawing Elsa. Still in the cavern, the floor gave way below her and she dropped into a large pool of water where the Nøkk found her. After the Nøkk saved her, they headed straight back to Arendelle to halt the rapid approach of the wave released by the dam, traversing over it before arriving in front of the castle. There she was able to form a defensive barrier that halted the wave. She then dissipated the barrier, and the wave gently receded. Taking one look at the kingdom, she then returned to the forest and reunited with Anna. Stronger than ever and as the epitome of Totality.

Anna and Elsa reunite

After saving Arendelle, Elsa returns to the forest to reunite with Anna.

After arriving back at the forest, the two sisters embraced, with Elsa comforting Anna, explaining that she was the one who saved Elsa, and that Arendelle did not fall. With Anna realizing Elsa was the bridge that connected nature and people, she told Anna that they were two sides of the same bridge, who would continue their journeys together. An overjoyed Kristoff then rushed down to greet Elsa, along with Sven. Elsa then used her powers to restore Olaf, based on water having memory. The group then hugged, and Elsa watched as Kristoff proposed to Anna, who accepted. Elsa passed over the crown of Arendelle to Anna, believing her to be the stronger leader. Elsa remained in the Enchanted Forest as its protector, but made regular visits to Arendelle to spend time with her family.

Some time later, Anna used Gale to send Elsa a message, where she was informed that the kingdom was fine, and she would see Elsa on Friday for charades. Elsa then summoned the Nøkk out of the water and froze it, allowing them to traverse the land. She headed back towards Ahtohallan, waving to Ryder and Honeymaren on the way. With an Earth Giant helping her up a cliff, Elsa made for the Dark Sea, now completely frozen over. Elsa then took in a deep breath of fresh cool air, feeling pleased with her new freedom.


Kai introduces Elsa

Elsa masked her insecurities with a calm and composed demeanor.

In stark contrast to her sister, Elsa is far calmer and more composed, and prior to accepting her powers, she manifested this demeanor in an extreme manner, thinking out her words and actions with almost cold and calculating precision, taking great care to never reveal her emotions. To some, she appeared very detached and even unsociable, though in truth, she was still very much capable of acting playfully, as when she joked with Anna about the Duke of Weselton.

Within her reserved exterior, Elsa concealed a great deal of guilt and was incredibly burdened by her magical abilities. Above all else, Elsa longed for the company of Anna but was haunted by the incident in which her sister nearly perished due to her powers. As such, Elsa tried her best to suppress her abilities; to some degree, she recognized that her powers were tied to her emotions and chose to adopt a guarded and withdrawn demeanor to conceal them. Despite the way she shut people out, Elsa genuinely cared for others and felt it was her responsibility to keep her distance and ensure everyone's safety.

Nonetheless, Elsa's choice to suppress her true self by acting like the perfect child her parents envisioned had a heavy toll on her. She feared hurting anyone greatly, even to the point where she refused her parents to be near her, concerned that her powers could lash out accidentally. And rather than confronting problems head on, Elsa turned away from unpleasant situations.

Elsa throwing away her crown

Appreciating her powers for the first time, Elsa resolved to leave the past in the past.

When she nearly hurt innocent people at her coronation party, Elsa reached her breaking point and felt she no longer had any place in Arendelle, deciding to flee the kingdom. Due to the fact she had always shut herself away from others, Elsa was not particularly struck by the loneliness of her self-imposed exile, but rather saw it as a chance for liberation. For the first time in her life, she openly embraced her abilities and appreciated herself for who she was; at that point, Elsa chose to escape her painful past, resolving never to return.

Determined to reside in peace, Elsa became far more liberal regarding the usage of her powers. When Anna refused to leave, Elsa turned to her abilities and created Marshmallow to physically expel her sister from the palace. And when the Duke of Weselton's thugs provoked her, after some initial hesitation, Elsa reacted with deadly force. However, the revelation that she had plunged Arendelle into winter caused Elsa to regard her powers with a sense of revulsion once more. Elsa's reversion to her old perceptions of herself was only made worse when Hans told her she had frozen Anna's heart, resulting in her death.

Elsa prepares to make a skating rink

Elsa learned to value her gift and share it with everyone else.

Ultimately, Anna's unconditional love was able to dispel Elsa's fear. When Anna sacrificed herself to save Elsa from Hans' sword, she was able to reverse the effects of Elsa's curse and thawed out. Realizing that love was capable of thawing, Elsa suddenly understood how to control her powers and was able to restore summer to Arendelle. Though it took many years, Elsa was finally able to appreciate herself without compromising her relationships with those she cares about. In the months leading up to Anna's nineteenth birthday, Elsa became more outgoing and less reserved, allowing her to interact with others more readily.


Winter magic[]

Elsa's magic

Elsa can magically produce and manipulate ice and snow.

Elsa was born with the magical ability to produce and manipulate ice and snow. Despite struggling to control her powers and the low frequency of their use, Elsa is still capable of many feats. At the age of eight, Elsa was capable of freezing the entire floor of the Great Hall with just a touch of her foot. She also produced enough snow to make a snowy hill large enough for her and Anna to slide down. Pabbie noted that Elsa's power would only continue to grow, an observation that proved true, as Elsa was, unwittingly and without any conscious effort, capable of freezing the entire kingdom in the middle of summer. Elsa was also able to construct an entire palace for herself in mere seconds after she fled Arendelle.

Elsa can use her powers to perform a wide variety of techniques, such as the rapid creation of ice structures like sheets, spikes, and walls. She can use her magic to propel herself across an icy surface. Elsa also displayed the ability to create snow creatures and imbue them with life, enabling them to move of their own accord. This ability can manifest itself consciously, as was the case with Olaf and Marshmallow, or involuntarily, as was the case with the Snowgies. Elsa's powers extend to the manipulation of winter weather, as she was able to generate a blizzard with powerful gusts of wind and create a small snow cloud for Olaf to stay cool. Furthermore, the winter weather Elsa creates is self-sustaining, changing only if Elsa wills it to.

When her magic struck people, it had adverse effects; though she did not intend to do so, Elsa struck Anna in the heart with her magic and started a process that would end with her sister becoming an ice statue. The resulting statue was made of such compact ice that it not only resisted a blow from Hans' sword, but also shattered the blade into many pieces. The statue was also extremely cold, as it caused Hans' blade to frost over prior to impact.

Elsa also stated that she was not bothered by the cold, indicating her powers afford her resistance to frigid air; she was seen rushing out into her own blizzard wearing a dress made of ice without exhibiting any signs of discomfort. And during Elsa's conversation with Hans in the dungeon, only the prince's breath was seen condensing, a further indication of Elsa's affinity to the cold. Elsa is also seen running on ice without slipping and also walk on top of snow hills without sinking, further evidence of her magic providing her immunity to the cold.

Elsa's fear turns her palace into a prison

Due to her fearful state, Elsa transformed her pristine palace sanctuary into yet another prison.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of Elsa's powers is their dependence on Elsa's emotional state: When Elsa is calm or feels love, she has complete control over her abilities and is capable of producing beautiful magic. But when Elsa is stressed or feels fear, her powers are unstable and can be dangerous to those around her. Despite their instability, Elsa's powers are especially potent when she feels fear; with sheer instinct alone, Elsa was able to intercept an arrow speeding at her with a wall of ice. Elsa was also able to create a massive snowstorm even while her hands were shackled. However, when she felt love, Elsa was able to completely reverse the effects of her winter spell and brought back summer in mere moments.

Elsa can also create detailed sculptures representing events that happened in the past, which allowed her to unlock the truth of the Enchanted Forest and her family.

It is shown that if she strikes a living being directly with her magic, the victim will not only freeze to death and transform into an ice statue. While the impact of the curse can be negated if the magic affects the mind, the heart is the most vulnerable and if this is the case, the victim can only be cured by an "act of true love". When struck, an afflicted person will undergo physical changes, including the depigmentation of their hair, lowered body temperature, lack of strength and fatigue, and the appearance of ice on their extremities that spreads over time, covering the person and turning them completely to ice. When the curse is removed, the person's physical attributes will revert as they were before the curse, as happened with Anna's hair, which returned to its original color (without any white locks) when she accomplished her act of true love towards Elsa, sacrificing her own life for her sister.

It is also shown that Elsa's magic is directly responsible for providing Olaf's continuing life; without it, he cannot exist.

In Frozen Fever, she can use her powers to create precise effects other than manifesting ice and snow, as she made several color changes to her and Anna's dresses, using flowers that were in the room at the time and integrated them into their gowns using crystalline ice. She was also shown to create ice sculptures out of thin air and reshape them in any way she wanted; however, Elsa uses her magic occasionally without being aware of it, such as when she sneezes and accidentally creates miniature snowmen.

In Frozen II, as the fifth elemental spirit, Elsa's powers have grown immensely. Even at the beginning of the film, small releases from her hands were able to form thick frost around whatever it touched. Combined with honed concentration, Elsa can conjure her magic in impressive and stronger forms, from controlling all the ice particles to create lifelike ice sculptures of people from memory to trying to cross the dark sea by freezing the deadly waves from the sea. Whereas Frozen showed she could manipulate the flow of snowflakes, her control over heavier forms of ice has been demonstrated, as shown during “Show Yourself" when Elsa lifted the ice pillars through the air with the whisk of her hands as if they weighed nothing. When the fire spirit attack, Elsa was able to extinguish an entire forest floor covered in fire, however, this temporarily exhausted her due to her using it constantly to burn out other fiery areas, which suggests that if Elsa uses a great deal of her power too much, it could tire her out. Elsa also seems to have limited control over water, perhaps in reference to the element of ice being frozen water. In particular, Elsa willed the seawater in the floorboards of her parents' sunken ship to rise and coalesce into the desired image, which the water did, floating and evaporating from the ground before condensing into the statue depicting her parents' tragic fate.

Due to her status as an elemental, Elsa has a magic connection with the four elements, and an ability to sense when they are nearby. Consciously and unconsciously, she was able to quell both the wind spirit and the fire spirit with ice during their stay at the Enchanted Forest, attract the attention of the Earth Giants, and taming the water spirit through magic-conjured reins. As the fifth spirit and being able to tame the other four, Elsa is the most powerful magical being, second only to Ahtohallan.

Other skills[]

Elsa building palace

Elsa built her entire palace around a snowflake base.

Elsa appears to be considerably fast and agile. When arriving at Ahtohallan, she performed incredible parkour moves such as sliding on ice with great balance and leaping from one ice-made structure to another. Before confronting the Nøkk, she was able to outmaneuver the massive water waves of the Dark Sea, though not without effort.

Elsa proves that she is notably creative and strong in geometry. This is shown when she uses her knowledge of geometry to create her ice palace, and describing her snow designs as 'fractals'; an advanced geometry concept for the time period. The sequel showed that she has a keen eye for detail and engineering, being able to create many items with her powers. When asked to create a sextant for a young girl Elsa expressed an unsureness, hinting that she has to be aware of the general structure of the item she tries to create, but was able to create one perfectly just as easily as her other gifts.

Elsa demonstrated herself to be an incredibly fast learner; despite facing two armed thugs and having no formal training, Elsa was able to defeat and nearly kill both men with her magic. And despite not using her magic for a long time, Elsa was able to gather enough confidence after producing a few blasts of snow to build an ice staircase and an entire ice palace. Elsa also was able to magically weave herself a new dress and cape.

Even though she has magical powers, Elsa is physically formidable as well, having had enough endurance to run well into the night from Arendelle all the way to the North Mountain.

Elsa also possesses a degree of artistic skill, as she was able to base an entire palace design on a snowflake. In fact, Elsa repeatedly showed herself using the same snowflake design; it appeared not only on the palace floor, but also on the palace doors, ice chandelier, her clothes and hair accessories, and even on Anna's frozen form. In another showcase of her artistic skill, Elsa froze the water in the courtyard fountains into an intricate design and used ice to decorate the whole castle. When Elsa was frozen solid by Ahtohallan after traveling too deep into its depths to find the truth, her frozen body sported the same snowflake design from all her previous creations on it alongside the one of the Elemental Spirits to signify both her Snow Queen and Fifth Spirit status.


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  • Elsa is very fond of chocolate and shares this trait with her younger sister, Anna.
    • Despite staying hidden in her room, Elsa ate all the triple-double-fudge sundaes she wanted.[8]
  • Elsa's favorite fish is pickled herring.[9]
  • Elsa was originally written as a villain, akin to the Snow Queen of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale; however, this direction for her character was ultimately scrapped because it proved too difficult to redeem her from a story perspective.[10]
  • Elsa makes a minor appearance at the end of season 3 in the ABC show, Once Upon a Time. She appears in a greater capacity in the first half of the show's fourth season and is portrayed by Georgina Haig.
  • Elsa was Time Magazine's "Most Influential Fictional Character of 2014".[11]
  • Jennifer Lee has stated that the writers toyed around with Elsa's powers being the result of a planetary alignment; however, this idea was ultimately abandoned.[12]
  • On Anna's birthday, the manner in which Elsa roused her sister was similar to how Anna woke her up as children.
  • Despite being able to easily create ice, early in her reign Elsa decided to only use her powers for emergencies that arose while serving the citizens of Arendelle.[13] This enabled trades such as that practiced by the ice harvesters to continue undisrupted.
    • She also formed an ice-trade agreement with Eldora through her friendship with Queen Marisol[14]
  • Elsa was very calm as a child. She was able to sit for hours without having to do anything to entertain herself.[15]
  • After becoming the queen of Arendelle, Elsa had a very strict and organized schedule managed by Gerda.[16]
  • Elsa has a habit of tugging at her fingers. This habit was left over from days when she wore gloves to repress her powers.[17]
  • The directors confirmed that despite becoming the fifth spirit Elsa is still human and therefore mortal.[citation needed]
  • Elsa doesn't have nightmares due to her ability to control her emotions. The only exception was a nightmare when she was eight years old, which caused her to unintentionally freeze her entire room and turn it into a winter landscape.[18]
    • However, in a short comic Elsa had nightmares for an entire week due to being overworked. Such also left the area around her bed covered in icicles.[19]
  • As the Queen of Arendelle, Elsa was often unsure in her ability to lead and was afraid she was a poor leader in comparison to her parents.[20] However, despite this, she was greatly beloved as queen and used her powers frequently to help her subjects.[21]
  • Elsa is good at the game tag because of her power giving her the ability to "catch" multiple people at once.[22]
  • In both the Frozen II junior novelization and “Polar Nights”, Elsa says that she feels more comfortable in open spaces, which was part of her decision to move to the forest.
  • In “Polar Nights” it is said that Elsa and Anna have game night in Arendelle every Friday, Anna also makes occasional trips to the forest to see Elsa and they exchange through Gale every day.
  • In “Polar Nights” she is still addresses as a queen of Arendelle along side Anna. She also reveals her official role in the Enchanted Forest is a memory keeper and she lives in Ahtohallan.


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