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A dense mist covered the Enchanted Forest, with no one being able to pass through.

The Enchanted Forest is a forest located far north of Arendelle, and is home to the Northuldra people and the elemental spirits. For many years the forest was under a curse after a battle broke out between the Northuldra and guards from Arendelle.


The Enchanted Forest is the home of the Northuldra tribe and the four elemental nature spirits: Gale, the air spirit; Nøkk, the water spirit; Bruni, the fire spirit; and the Earth Giants. The Northuldra revered the spirits and in return the spirits aided them and coexisted with humanity. However, when war broke out between the Northuldra and the Arendellians, the spirits turned on humanity, enraged by their fighting. As a result, a curse was placed on the forest, placing a powerful mist over the land keeping anyone from leaving, and the spirits became dormant. The curse could only be lifted once the truth was revealed and a wrong was righted.

During this time the Northuldra and the Arendellians were bitter rivals, both sides blaming the other for starting the conflict that led to their imprisonment.

34 years later, after reawakening the spirits, Elsa and Anna entered the forest and ceased the fighting between the two groups, revealing that they are the daughters of Prince Agnarr of Arendelle and a Northuldra girl, Iduna.

After Elsa traveled to Ahtohallan, she discovered the truth, that the fight was initiated by their grandfather, King Runeard, who killed the Northuldra leader after the leader realized that the dam Runeard commissioned was actually a ploy to weaken the forest. She passed this information onto Anna before freezing due to Ahtohallan's magic.

After Anna revealed Runeard's treachery to the Arendellian guards, she convinced them to help her lead the Earth Giants into destroying the dam. Once the dam was destroyed, righting the wrong, the curse over the forest has been lifted. Elsa was released from Ahtohallan so that she could save Arendelle from being washed away by the released flood.

Following this, Elsa decided to remain in the enchanted forest as the fifth spirit, the bridge between the spirits and humanity, while Anna became queen in her sister's place, making peace between the Northuldra and Arendelle.

Environment and surroundings


The forest can be reached across a plateau; there is an entrance into it identified by four large menhirs (standing stones) representing each of the four elemental spirits.

Northuldran encampment

The home of the Northuldran tribesmen is a semi-permanent dwelling used by the Northuldra; they move around the lands, taking their homes with them.


The dam is a large structure commissioned by King Runeard under the guise of a good-will gesture to the Northuldra. Though presented as a means to strengthen the forest's resources, the dam in fact harmed it. When the truth of what the dam stood for was revealed to Anna, she used the Earth Giants to destroy it.

Dark Sea

The northerly limit of the Enchanted Forest's lands abuts the Dark Sea on its coast. The sea can be crossed to reach Ahtohallan. It is an extremely turbulent body of water, being responsible for the destruction of the Arendelle's royal ship and the deaths of Agnarr and Iduna. The Nøkk also presents as an obstacle to those wishing to pass, guarding the waters tenaciously against trespassers.