"Epilogue" is a musical number written and composed by Canadian score composer, Christophe Beck, for the 2013 Disney animated film, Frozen.

It is played in the final moments of the film, starting with Hans regaining consciousness, after which he is confronted by Anna for the trouble he has caused; she then punches him off of the ship. It continues to play while the French dignitary prepares to send Hans back to the Southern Isles to await punishment from his brothers; Kai goes on to officially proclaim to the Duke of Weselton that Arendelle would no longer be doing business with his home kingdom after his treachery. The track continues playing while Anna presents Kristoff with a new sled, after which the two then kiss. It ends with Elsa constructing a skating rink within the courtyard where Elsa and Anna, along with all of the citizens, enjoy the contained winter wonderland.

The track makes a slightly altered second appearance in the end credits after "We Were So Close".

Similarities with other tracks

It is worth noting that portions of the song sound similar to "For the First Time in Forever" (i.e. at 2:09) and the end in particular sounds like "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" (specifically at 2:40). The reason for using the portions of these two songs in the track was to reiterate their meanings, only applying them to the change in events.

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