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The Duke of Weselton's bodyguards are two men who protect and serve the Duke of Weselton.


Coronation day

Greedy Duke

The Duke of Weselton arrived in Arendelle with his bodyguards.

The bodyguards accompanied the Duke of Weselton to Arendelle for Elsa's coronation. They were present at Elsa's coronation party in the Great Hall, where the queen exposed her ice powers to the guests, to their shock. Frightened at the display, the Duke hid behind his guards. However, Elsa escaped out into the courtyard, and the guards accompanied their superior outside in pursuit. Telling the Duke to stay away, Elsa let loose another blast of magic, causing the trio to slip.

Following this, Elsa fled the kingdom and plunged it into winter. Though the guards were shocked at the snowfall, the Duke descended into hysterics and seized one of his men's ears, insisting that he go after Elsa. The Duke soon noticed Anna and hid behind his guards, who stood glowering at the princess. They continued to stand in front of the Duke as Anna volunteered to pursue Elsa on her own.

Summit siege

Hans and the Duke

The bodyguards accompanied the Duke during his confrontation with Hans.

During Anna's absence, the Duke grew ever more concerned, and his guards accompanied him to a confrontation with Hans. When Anna's horse returned to Arendelle without her, Hans requested for volunteers to go with him to find her. The Duke offered up his men to go on the search, giving them secret instructions: If they encountered Elsa, they were "to put an end to [the] winter."

Upon arriving at Elsa's ice palace, Hans gave the order that no harm was come to Elsa; however, the guards exchanged looks with each other, intent on completing their assignment. When Marshmallow revealed himself to defend the palace against intrusion, the guards initially aided Hans and the Arendelle castle guards, but they angered the snowman with their arrows, and he swatted them into a bank of snow. Though dazed, the two men caught sight of Elsa closing the doors to her palace and raced past Marshmallow to reach her. Inside, they followed Elsa up to the topmost floor, where they cornered her.

Elsa versus the thugs

After pursuing Elsa into her ice palace, the guards attempted to kill Elsa.

Despite the queen's pleas, one of the guards shot an arrow at her, though it was blocked by a wall of ice. The guards did not relent, however, and attempted to reposition themselves for another shot, but Elsa hindered their attempts with her retaliatory blasts of magic. Eventually, one guard was overtaken by Elsa's magic, pinned to a wall by ice spikes, with one threatening to pierce his neck. The other guard was disarmed by a bolt of magic before facing an assault from a conjured ice wall; though he tried to push back against the wall of ice, the guard was quickly overcome and pushed out onto a balcony, nearly falling to his death.

The imperiled guards were saved by Hans, who managed to calm Elsa down. Still capable of movement, the guard pinned to the wall raised his crossbow for one final attempt to kill the queen. However, Hans spotted the movement and directed the shot to the ceiling; the chandelier dangling above was struck by the bolt and began its descent towards the ground where Elsa was standing. Though she managed to run clear of the impact, she still fell and was rendered unconscious.

The Great Thaw

After summer returned to Arendelle, the guards and the Duke were expelled from the kingdom, and a group of royal guards escorted them back to their ship.


The Duke's bodyguards at first appear quite thuggish, but nevertheless ever-loyal to the Duke. They follow him wherever he goes, mainly to ensure his safety. The two also seem as close-minded as the Duke; neither seem surprised at the Duke's agenda when they arrive in Arendelle, and they both express their discontent in Anna's words when she says that Elsa was scared and that what had happened wasn't her fault. They are then as pleased as the Duke when Anna says that she should be the one to go after Elsa.

With a like-minded approach similar to Duke's, they fully understand what he is asking of them when he gives them the order to "put an end to [the] winter". Their unquestionable loyalty to the Duke holds out at the palace; rather than aid Hans and the guards with Marshmallow, they immediately change their tact and go after Elsa. They carry out their orders with no hesitation, with one of the men, wanting to get the job done quickly and cleanly, firing his bolt directly at Elsa's head. It would have been done, had she not shielded herself with a wall of ice. They continued to persist, but as Elsa knew that it was coming down to her or them, she soon showed no restraint, swiftly breaking the attack. Adamant not to be defeated, the guards continued with there attack. Whilst one did all he could to stop himself from being pushed off of the balcony, the other - pinned to a wall - began to raise his crossbow for another shot. Hans' timely intervention saw this attempt on Elsa's life also fail. When Elsa was in the dungeons, Hans hinted that he had put her there not just for the peoples' safety, but for hers; if Elsa were able to walk about freely, the bodyguards may have made another attempt on the queen's life.


The Duke's bodyguards are adept in crossbow usage, able to fire with deadly accuracy. The guards are also fairly resilient, as they recovered quickly from a direct hit from Marshmallow. Additionally, they are stealthy and fast, having slipped past Marshmallow and into Elsa's palace. Inside, they were able to keep pace with the queen despite her head start.

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