The forest was made difficult to navigate due to the immense amount of snow generated by Elsa's winter.

The forest is an expanse of trees beyond the perimeter of Arendelle. Amongst the inhabitants are Oaken and his family, who reside at Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna, and wolves.


During her flight from Arendelle, Elsa cast a winter spell over the kingdom, covering the forest with an immense amount of snow. The snow cover made the forest difficult to navigate through, as Anna discovered during her journey to retrieve her sister; the difficulty of the journey prompted the princess to purchase supplies from the one settlement for miles around[1], Oaken's trading post, where she also enlisted Kristoff and his reindeer, Sven, to help her find Elsa.

Though Anna was more prepared, the forest still proved to be a hindrance; despite the disruptive weather conditions, the wolves of the forest remained active and stealthily pursued the princess and her companions in the hopes of obtaining a meal.

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Frozen forest

During Elsa's winter, a small grove of willow trees was frozen in a manner that captured the beauty of winter.

The forest gradually thins out as it enters the proximity of mountains; however, though the amount of trees decreases, there are still some small wooded areas throughout these regions. For instance, Anna and her companions encountered a grove of frozen willow trees[2] as they passed through a mountain clearing. This small forest was similarly affected by Elsa's winter but in a way that captured the beauty of the weather conditions; the ice crystals gleamed brilliantly, and the frozen water droplets produced pleasant chiming sounds upon making contact with each other.

The North Mountain also has a number of trees, a feature that Anna took advantage of during her confrontation with Marshmallow.


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