Frozen The Essential Guide
Frozen: The Essential Guide




DK Children


October 1, 2013



Frozen: The Essential Guide (ISBN 978-1-4654-1404-5) is a DK Essential Guide detailing information about Frozen. As of The Essential Guide books, Disney creates these once new movies are up for release.

It builds upon the film, and offers new facts and details that were not previously known. The book is loosely based around the timeline of the film, and gives details about characters when they make their first appearance.


Experience the magic of Disney's Frozen with this fabulous guide. Explore the beautiful kingdom of Arendelle, home to the adventurous Anna, and her magical sister, Elsa.

Discover the secrets of Anna's incredible journey to end Arendelle's big freeze.

Meet all the characters, including Prince Hans, Kristoff the ice harvester, Sven the reindeer and Olaf the friendly snowman!


  • The Essential Guide was also released as Frozen: The Essential Collection (ISBN 978-0-2411-8580-3), which includes a sticker book. These books are contained in a case that plays an instrumental portion of "Let It Go".
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