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Frozen II: Forest of Shadows is a novel which serves to bridge the events of Frozen and Frozen II. Written by Kamilla Benko and illustrated by Grace Lee, it contains an original tale about a strange sickness hitting Arendelle.


Anna of Arendelle wants nothing more than to be helpful to her older sister, Elsa. But as far as Anna can see, ever since Elsa’s coronation, her sister has been doing just fine without her. And now, Elsa will be setting sail for a grand tour of the world—leaving Anna behind. But a mysterious sickness strikes Arendelle, and Elsa’s tour is delayed, giving Anna the perfect opportunity to finally help. When Anna discovers a secret room in the castle and incants a magic spell, she hopes it will make her dream of curing the sickness come true. Instead, a more sinister dream comes to life. This thrilling original middle grade novel bridges the epic adventures of Frozen and Frozen 2.


  • This story introduces the existence of other mythological creatures from Scandinavian folklore including:
  • Some of the Norse constellations appeared in the book. More specifically "Ulf's Keptr", which is referred to as "Ulf the Wolf" and "Fiskikarlar", which is referred to as "Frigg the Fisherman" [2].
  • Kamilla Benko describes it as a bridge between the movies because it takes the theme of the first movie (fear) and the theme of the sequel (myth)[3].
  • The prologue has a version of Anna waking up after her accident which is completely different from in A Frozen Heart [4][5].


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