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Administrators are experienced and trusted members of the community who have access to multiple tools to aid in site maintenance. They are here to serve the community and are not considered to be of greater status than any other user.


Sysop rights include:

  • Ability to delete pages, their histories, and files
  • Rename files
  • Lock or protect pages so they cannot be edited or renamed by those without sysop rights
  • Block an IP address/range or user from editing
  • Revert bad-quality edits easily using a "rollback" link
  • Make edits to the Wiki's appearance and interface
  • Moderate chat

Becoming an administrator

Main article: Frozen Wiki:Obtaining user rights

A candidate for administrator must first be a rollback. It is a nomination-based process that will involve voting based on discussion. Administrator status is a prerequisite for bureaucrat status. Administrators should be capable contributors who are trusted by the community.


Administrators should be active contributors to the Wiki, as they have been entrusted with additional rights by the community. An active status means having substantial contributions beyond merely modifying user pages or correcting errors in spelling, grammar, and/or formatting. They should edit on most days of each month and swiftly answer any queries from users.

If an administrator requires a leave of absence or foresees a period of inactivity, he/she should add the "inactive" template on his/her user profile and change his/her status on the administrators page to "inactive". This way, messages can be directed to an active administrator. However, this does not entitle administrators to periods of prolonged activity; up to six months of inactivity will be considered inadequate and steps may be taken to remove the administrator. Inactive administrators have no use of the tools they have been given and fail to serve the community to the fullest.

Removing administrators

Administrators who fail to meet expectations will have their rights revoked by a bureaucrat. Prior to this course of action, an attempt should be made to correct behavior.

Former administrators

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