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This page documents an official policy.

It is a widely accepted standard that should be followed by all editors.

All wikis operate under the assumption of good faith. This means that every edit should regarded as if it were made in good faith. With some obvious exceptions (vandalism), most editors are here to help the sites, not hurt them.

New editors

Good faith is particularly applicable to newcomers. New editors may not be fully versed in Wiki policy, so it is important to be patient and show understanding. They may make edits that do not reflect the Wiki's style, but this does not necessarily mean they intend to harm the Wiki. With proper explanation, they will eventually come to terms with the logic behind site practices.

Demonstrate good faith

In addition to assuming good faith, it is important to encourage others to do so by demonstrating good faith. Leave detailed edit summaries that describe what was changed and why; be open to possible discussion about a particular edit you may have made. Display a willingness to compromise, as this will reflect an interest in improving the Wiki. This is not required, but strongly encouraged to ensure smooth and successful interactions among editors.

Dealing with bad faith

Though an edit may appear to have been done in bad faith, it is not grounds for retaliating in an uncivil manner. It is easier for administrator intervention if one side has been acting appropriately throughout.

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