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Bureaucrats are the highest tier of users on the Wiki. On this site, they have both administrator (sysop) rights and the additional ability to change the rights of other users. As such, they must be trusted members of the community who are capable of objectively processing candidates and make well-thought out decisions to grant and revoke rights. Even so, they are here to serve the community and are not considered to be of greater status than any other user.


  • Sysop rights
  • Grant and revoke rollback rights
  • Grant and revoke administrator status
  • Grant, but not revoke, bureaucrat status

Becoming a bureaucrat

Main article: Frozen Wiki:Obtaining user rights

A candidate for bureaucrat must first be an administrator. It is a nomination-based process that will involve voting based on discussion.


As bureaucrats are also administrators on this site, please see administrator expectations.

Removing bureaucrats

A bureaucrat who is not meeting expectations will be asked to step down at the request of the community. He or she can either remove their rights quietly or await Wikia Staff to remove the rights. However, an attempt should be first made to correct their behavior.

Former bureaucrats

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