The gates provide access to Arendelle castle.

The gates are a set of large wooden doors that allow entry to the courtyard of Arendelle castle. A bridge connects the entrance to the village.


After Elsa unintentionally hurt Anna with her powers, Agnarr ordered for the gates to be shut to keep Elsa's powers hidden from rest of the kingdom. The gates were were to remain shut, isolating the castle from the rest of the kingdom.

Thirteen years after they were closed, the gates were reopened for a single day to accommodate for Elsa's coronation. When Anna revealed her engagement to Hans, Elsa was shocked to the point where she ordered the closure of the gates once more. Her order went unattended, however, for Elsa fled Arendelle after revealing her powers. Wishing to bring Elsa back, Anna rode out the gates in pursuit of her sister.

Amidst Elsa's eternal winter, Hans ordered for the gates to remain open to allow the citizens of Arendelle to use the castle and its resources. The next day, a pair of Arendelle castle guards saw Kristoff approaching the castle with Anna and signaled for the gates to be opened; Kai, Gerda, and another handmaid were on hand to take the princess into the castle grounds. When Anna was safely inside, the gates were closed once again, shutting out Kristoff and Sven.

After Elsa restored summer to Arendelle, the gates were reopened, and she declared that they were never to be closed again.


The gates are a set of tall doors that are of similar height to the castle walls. They are predominantly made of wood, with the planks arranged in a triangular pattern, alternating between brown and white in color. The doors are also reinforced with a metal framing. Two large hoops are attached to the side of each gate. There are two sets of gates, with the first leading to the second, and the second leading into the castle courtyard; both sets of gates are identical in appearance.

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