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"Anna! You had us worried sick!"
— Gerda upon Anna's return to the castle

Gerda[1] has been a servant in the castle home of Arendelle's royal family since Agnarr's reign.


Since before Anna was born, Gerda helped oversee the castle household.[2] After Agnarr declared that the castle was to be closed off from the outside world, Gerda helped to carry out his wishes by closing the windows.

Thirteen years later, the castle was opened up to visitors for Elsa's coronation. On the morning of the coronation, Gerda helped carry a tray of food down a hallway when Anna enthusiastically burst from her room and swung the servant around in jubilation. Though surprised, Gerda smiled as the princess continued springing down the hallway.

When Kristoff brought Anna back to Arendelle, Gerda, Kai, and a handmaid were on hand to retrieve to princess. Though relieved to see Anna, Gerda expressed concern that the princess was "freezing" and hurried to bring her inside the castle. Per Kristoff's request, she and Kai escorted Anna to the library to see Hans, who was with the Duke of Weselton and dignitaries. When Anna demanded that Hans kiss her, Gerda left the room with the others to give the couple some privacy.





  • Gerda shares the same name as the protagonist of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, upon which Frozen is loosely based.
  • Gerda was originally given an extra line,[3] during which she thanked Hans for helping Arendelle; however, this role was given to a female citizen in the final cut of the film.
  • Gerda read books to Olaf after he moved into the castle.[2]
  • In the Arendelle arc of Once Upon A Time, Iduna was given the name "Gerda".
  • After Elsa became the queen of Arendelle, Gerda was managing her very strict and organised schedule with the help of a large calendar.[4]


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