Gothi[1] is a troll priest who resides at the Valley of the Living Rock.


After the other trolls dressed up Kristoff and Anna, Gothi appeared to formalize their union through a troll wedding ceremony. However, Anna fainted before the ceremony was completed. As Pabbie arrived to examine Anna, Gothi stepped out of the elderly troll's path to allow him access to the princess.


  • "Gothi" in Old Norse means "priest" or "priestess".
  • The inscription on Gothi's book is Old Norse for "troll".
  • Actor Jack Whitehall has often claimed he was cut from the film, when in fact, Gothi's three lines of dialogue ("Do you Anna take Kristoff to be your trollfully wedded...", "You're getting married!", and "It's the king!") are present in the finished film.


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