Great Hall

The Great Hall served as the location for the ball held in honor of Elsa's coronation.

The Great Hall[1] is a large room located inside Arendelle castle. It doubles as both a throne room and a ballroom.


During Agnarr's reign, Elsa transformed the room into a winter wonderland to play in with her sister, Anna. The floor of the Great Hall was not only covered with snow, but also transformed into an indoor ice rink. However, following an accident in which she hurt Anna with her powers, Elsa grew fearful and her powers caused ice to creep up the walls and doors of the room. The frozen doors were a minor impediment to King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, who heard Elsa's cries and came to see what had happened. As a result of the accident, the castle was closed from the outside world, and the Great Hall remained devoid of activity for the following thirteen years.

This period of inactivity ceased on the day of Elsa's coronation; the Great Hall underwent preparations for a ball held in honor of the new queen. Among the attendees inside the ballroom were the Duke of Weselton and his guards, Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, and the dignitaries. However, the festivities came to an end after an argument with Anna resulted in Elsa ordering the castle to be closed up prematurely. When Elsa was pressured by Anna further, she reacted with anger, causing a series of ice spikes to erupt across the floor of the Great Hall. Having revealed her powers, Elsa fled Arendelle, plunging it into winter in the process.

Following Elsa's flight and Anna's departure to retrieve her, Hans was placed in charge of the kingdom. Under the prince's direction, the Great Hall functioned as a shelter where the citizens of Arendelle were provided with soup and hot glögg to help cope with the harsh weather conditions.


The Great Hall is large and spacious, attributes suitable for its function as a ballroom. During Agnarr's reign, there were two thrones at the end of the room opposite the main entrance; currently, the room contains just a single throne. The throne area consists of an elevated platform with red fabric on the wall behind it. The platform itself has red carpeting.

The floor is striped and has a diamond-shaped design at the center. There is a window directly above the floor that allows light to pass through, which can project a six-pointed shape onto the diamond design. Red curtains hang between the pillars that line the perimeter of the room. Behind the curtains are a collection of chairs and paintings. The area behind the curtains is large enough to accommodate a small band, such as the one featured during Elsa's coronation party.


  • The Great Hall once hosted an entire skating ring to support the anual winter ice dance competition when the weather was uncooperative.[2]


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