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This page is about the event. For the score piece, see The Great Thaw (Vuelie Reprise).

The Great Thaw took place right after Elsa and Anna's reconciliation, and marked the end of Elsa's winter.


For a few days Arendelle had been under the spell of Elsa's winter, which had been increasing in severity. After the citizens had all taken shelter indoors, the storm picked up in the form of a whiteout due to Elsa being lost and fearful. After this burst of excitement, the storm froze, suspended after Hans had lied to Elsa about her sister's death; the grief-stricken Elsa collapsed onto the ice in despair.

Anna's sacrifice

Anna throws herself between Hans and Elsa to save her grieving sister.

After sacrificing herself to save her sister from Hans attempt to kill Elsa, Anna succumbed to the curse placed upon her, and froze to solid ice. Elsa stood up to see the frozen form of her sister, hugging her and bursting into tears. Olaf, Kristoff and Sven all approached tentatively, as shocked as Elsa was. The citizens and dignitaries too stood in silence on the castle walls, mourning in silence.

An act of true love

Elsa realizes that Anna loves her, with this being the key to controlling her powers.

Unbeknownst to Elsa, Anna soon began to thaw out, starting from her heart and then through to the rest of her body. Olaf, Sven and Kristoff all soon realized, and gasped with excitement. Anna then took in a gasp of air, and Elsa finally became aware that he sister was alive and well. The two hugged, and after Elsa had exclaimed that Anna had sacrificed herself for her, Anna stated that it was because she loved her sister. With a moment of realization, Olaf was able to tell the sisters that, "an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart".

The Thaw

File:TheGreat Thaw.png

Elsa begins to thaw out Arendelle from the winter.

Understanding that love was the key to controlling her powers, Elsa held out her arms and began to undo the winter spell. The ice surrounding them began to lift off the surface of the water and into the air; a sunken ship rose from beneath them. The dignitaries stood in amazement, and the citizens came from out of their homes to witness the spectacle unfold. The snow continued to rise from Arendelle, and gathered up into a large pristine snowflake, and with a gesture of her arms Elsa dissipated it across the sky.


Elsa and Anna stood on the ship, very pleased that the winter was over. Olaf began to melt, prompting Elsa to give him his own personal flurry to keep him cool. As Hans got to his feet, Anna went over to confront him; after a brief exchange of words, Anna punched him off the deck and into the water below. Anna went back over to her sister, and the two embraced, finally glad to have found each other again. Elsa resumed her duties as queen, and the citizens came to love her for who she was in no time at all.

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