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The Great Thaw

Summer was restored to Arendelle during the Great Thaw.

The Great Thaw was a magically-induced shift in climatic conditions that marked the end of Elsa's winter through the restoration of summer to Arendelle.



Late during Elsa's winter, a massive blizzard ravaged Arendelle after the queen was brought back to the kingdom following the assault on her ice palace. While running through the storm, Elsa encountered Hans, who deceived her with news of her sister's death. Devastated by the news, Elsa was able to stop the storm, suspending the snow in the air with her grief.

Thawing of Arendelle

Hans then moved in to kill Elsa as she mourned, but Anna managed to intercept the blow, freezing to solid ice simultaneously. Though Anna appeared lifeless, her act of shielding Elsa was an act of true love which led her icy form to thaw out. With the realization that "love will thaw", Elsa saw the key to controlling her powers and reversed the winter weather plaguing Arendelle. She gathered the ice and snow covering the landscape into a massive snowflake and cast the contents into the sky.


With the end of winter, those who had visited Arendelle for Elsa's coronation were able to depart. Elsa resumed her duties as queen, cutting ties with Weselton and granting Kristoff the title of Arendelle Ice Master and Deliverer. She also opened up the castle so that the citizens of Arendelle could skate in the courtyard, vowing never to close the gates again.

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