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Iduna[1] is the mother of Elsa and Anna, wife of Agnarr, former member of the Northuldra, and former Queen of Arendelle.


Early life

Iduna lived amongst the oldest families of the Northuldra peopole of the Enchanted Forest. Along with the Northuldra, Iduna was able to interact with the elemental spirits who lived in the forest, particularly the Wind Spirit. After a battle broke out between the Arendelle castle guards and the Northuldra, Iduna called upon the wind spirit and saved the young Prince Agnarr. She escaped the forest with him and started a new life in Arendelle. She and Agnarr were friends throughout their childhood, and eventually married and were crowned the King and Queen of Arendelle. Iduna gave birth to two daughters three years apart: Elsa and Anna, respectively. She and her husband regarded Elsa and Anna as the joy of their lives but were concerned about Elsa's magical abilities and their growing potency.[4]

Evening of the accident

One night, after seeing Elsa and Anna playing a game about an enchanted forest in their room, Agnarr thought the time was right to tell their children the tale of his experiences of the Enchanted Forest. After Agnarr left the room, Iduna snuggled on the bed with her daughters and sang her mother's lullaby about Ahtohallan and tucked them in.

Iduna and Agnarr worried over Anna's unconscious form

Some time later, after hearing Elsa's frantic cries, Iduna and Agnarr broke through the frozen doors of the Great Hall. Running towards an unconscious Anna, Iduna remarked that her younger daughter was "ice-cold". Moving quickly, she and her husband grabbed a pair of horses and departed for the Valley of the Living Rock, bringing their children with them.

Arriving at the valley, the family dismounted, and Agnarr called out for help. His plea was heard and the family was greeted by the trolls. An elderly troll, Pabbie, examined Anna, remarking it was fortunate that she was not struck in the heart and that healing her head would be relatively simple. After Agnarr told Pabbie to do whatever necessary, Iduna watched as the troll proceeded to heal Anna and alter her memories of Elsa's powers to remove all traces of magic. To the family's relief, Anna smiled, indicating she was all right.

With Anna taken care of, Pabbie turned to Elsa, warning her that her powers would continue to grow and that although they had great beauty, they were also dangerous and needed to be controlled. Hearing this, Iduna silently consented to Agnarr's decision: until Elsa could control her powers, the castle gates were to be locked and the staff would be reduced to limit Elsa's contact with people and keep her abilities hidden from everyone, including Anna.

For the next few years, Iduna and her husband were Elsa's only form of contact. But despite Agnarr's efforts, Elsa continued to lack control over her powers, and she even asked that her parents maintain their distance, a sentiment that greatly saddened Iduna.

At some point during this period, Iduna decided to tell her husband the truth about who she was and where she was from; Agnarr was happy to listen.

Ten years later

Memorial stones after Iduna and Agnarr becoming lost at sea.

Iduna and Agnarr left Arendelle on a voyage en route to Ahtohallan, in order to discover the source of Elsa's powers. With the truth of the journey hidden from Anna and Elsa, and much of the kingdom, they journeyed along the Dark Sea; however, the aggressive waves overwhelmed their ship and they became lost. In accordance with their disappearance, a memorial was held for the two of them, with memorial stones erected, with Anna attending.


Iduna's call was realised by Elsa when she reached Ahtohallan.

The mysterious siren call Elsa began hearing three years into her reign was that of her mother. The call led her to Ahtohallan, where Elsa was able to discover her true calling and the truth about the curse placed on the Enchanted Forest. Elsa discovered that the call was used by Iduna to summon the Wind Spirit to save Agnarr. Elsa also discovered other memories of her mother, from Elsa's own childhood and those that took place before she was born.

Elsa and Anna also found the wreckage of their parents' ship washed up in part of the Enchanted Forest, and discovered some of the dialogue between Iduna and Agnarr during the voyage.

Iduna loved the family tradition of ice fishing and proudly passed it down to Elsa and Anna.[5] Elsa and Anna held on to their mother's scarf, with Elsa wearing it as a source of comfort in times of worry.

After the shipwreck, Iduna's dresses and books, including ones that she used to read to Elsa and Anna, were stored in the castle's passageways.[6]




  • Iduna's name does not appear in the Frozen film credits, but it is written in Old Norse runes on the memorial stone as "Iðunn", pronounced as "Ithun" with a hard "th" sound. Iðunn can be translated into "youthful", "eternal youth", "again to love", or "rejuvenation".[citation needed]
  • Iduna's single line, "She's ice-cold!" in the first film is provided by Frozen's co-director, Jennifer Lee.[3]
  • Director Chris Buck joked that Iduna and Agnarr did not really die on their voyage and stated that they washed up on an island, had a baby boy, and got eaten by a leopard. This premise is what occurrs in Tarzan, another Disney film directed by Buck.[7]
  • The queen appears in the fourth season of the ABC show, Once Upon a Time, and is portrayed by Pascale Hutton as an adult. She is portrayed by Ava Marie Telek as a child. In the show, her name is "Gerda".
  • An early Frozen concept of Iduna's outfit shows her wearing a Russian dress. In her final design, a few elements of this are kept, such as the kokoshnik-style crown and long, elaborate dress.
  • As a child, Iduna spent time flying with the help of the Wind Spirit, which the snowman Olaf later names Gale.



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