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Jennifer Michelle Lee (born 1971) is the co-director and one of the screenwriters for Disney's New Animated Movie, Frozen. She was also a screenwriter for Disney's Wreck-It Ralph.

Lee contributed to the script of Wreck-It Ralph in 2012. She also wrote and co-directed (with Chris Buck) Disney's Animated Feature, Frozen. Lee is the first woman in the direction of a Disney feature film. It is also her first time directing a movie. She voiced Iduna in Frozen.[1]

Early Life

Lee was born in 1971 and was raised in East Providence, Rhode Island. Her parents are Linda Lee and Saverio Rebecchi.

Later on, she went to the University of New Hampshire and graduated from an English course. After graduating, she went to work in New York as a graphic artist in publishing.

When Lee was affected by the loss of a close person, she was motivated to tell her own stories. Around ten years later, she attended Columbia University School of the Arts and earned a Master of Fine Arts in Film degree. During her time there, she met her writing partner in Wreck-It Ralph, Phil Johnston.


When Lee attended Columbia University School of the Arts, she met Phil Johnston, who became her writing partner in Wreck-It Ralph. She won an Annie Award, "Writing in an Animated Feature Production" with Phil Johnston. The movie won several awards, and it was the largest opening for a Walt Disney Animation Studios film until 2013, when it was surpassed by Frozen.

In 2013, Lee and Chris Buck co-directed Disney's Animated Feature, Frozen. She also voiced the Queen of Arendelle. She and her co-director, Chris Buck won the "BAFTA Award for Best Animated Film". In 2013, Lee, Chris Buck, and Peter Del Vecho (the film producer) won the "Academy Award for Best Animated Feature" for Frozen.

Lee currently has an adaptation of Steinbeck's The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights in production and an original screenplay in development.

Personal Life

Lee lives in San Fernando Valley. She married Robert Joseph Monn on May 30, 1999, but they have divorced. They had one daughter, Agatha Lee Monn, who sings in "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?".[2]


  • Lee says the central theme of Frozen is the power of love over fear, particularly love of family. Though there is romantic love in the film, Lee said she wanted to push for a different kind of love.[citation needed]
  • Her favorite moment in the movie is the climax sequence where Anna, Elsa, Hans, and Kristoff are trapped in the blizzard.[citation needed]


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