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The Library is the royal library located in Arendelle Castle. Besides the books that the room contains, a portrait of the late King of Arendelle is hung there.


The library is a spacious room inside the castle, lit by natural light coming from a window that overlooks the gates. The walls are lined with tall bookcases and a table with a few decorations on top of it. Above the table is a portrait of the King of Arendelle, who is holding the orb and scepter at his coronation. There is also a grandfather clock in the room.

In the middle of the room, there is a maroon red carpet, with a black border. A few chairs are on the carpet, as well as a small sofa and a table with a chess board and its pieces. There is also a fireplace located near the center of the room.


The library was first shown in the song sequence, "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" while nine year-old Anna sang the lines, "Just watching the hours tick by! Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock," as she lay on her back in front of the grandfather clock in the room.

Later, during "For the First Time in Forever," Elsa practiced holding the orb and scepter, using a candlestick and a jewelry box as replacements. After holding the items for a few seconds, she began to coat the items with a layer of frost and hastily replaced the objects back on the table. While she practiced, she stood facing the portrait of her father holding the holy items during his coronation.

The library was last seen when Anna stumbled inside, her body nearly frozen because her sister had struck her heart. The castle servants left Anna alone with Hans inside, thinking that Hans would be able to help the princess. Once they are gone though, Hans revealed his true intentions to her, extinguishing the fire in the fireplace and locking her inside the room, leaving her to slowly freeze to her death.

Not long after, Olaf unlocked the room with his carrot nose and found Anna shivering from the cold. He lit a fire for her and while they sat next to the fireplace, he taught her the true meaning of love. When Olaf noticed Kristoff and Sven returning to Arendelle, Anna realized she had to reach Kristoff as he was her true love. The two quickly left the room as Elsa's blizzard was growing stronger and ice was starting to spread throughout the library, threatening to trap the two within.

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