"Lost in the Woods" is a song written by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, and sung by Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) in the 2019 Disney animated film, Frozen II.

During the song, with the help of Sven, Kristoff voices his feelings about his love for Anna and how he feels lost without her. By the end, he has declared the immensity of his love for her, and how he will wait for a sign from her that she loves him as he loves her; but until that sign, he still feels lost.


Kristoff: Again, you're gone
Off on a different path than mine
I'm left behind
Wondering if I should follow
You had to go
And, of course, it's always fine
I probably could catch up with you tomorrow

But is this what it feels like
To be growing apart?
When did I become the one
Who's always chasing your heart?

Now I turn around and find
I am lost in the woods
North is south, right is left
When you're gone
I'm the one who sees you home
But now I'm lost in the woods
And I don't know what path you are on
I'm lost in the woods

Up 'til now
The next step was a question of how
I never thought it was a question of whether
Who am I, if I'm not your guy?
Where am I, if we're not together

Now I know you're my true north
'Cause I am lost in the woods
Up is down, day is night
When you're not there
Oh, you're my only landmark
So I'm lost in the woods
Wondering if you still care

Kristoff: But I'll wait
For a sign

Reindeer: For a sign

Kristoff: That I'm your path
'Cause you are mine

Reindeer: You are mine

Kristoff: Until then
I'm lost in the woods

Kristoff and Reindeer: Lost in the woods
Lost in the woods
Lost in the woods
I'm lost in the woods
Lost in the woods

Kristoff: I'm lost in the woods


  • In the song, Jonathan Groff does the voices for all of the reindeer. In total he recorded 18 separate tracks for the film.[1]
  • The song is written in the style of an 80's power ballad.
  • During the song, Kristoff can be seen with three reindeeer singing harmonies behind him against a dark background. This may be a reference to the music video from the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.[citation needed]


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