Marisol is the queen of Eldora. She became friends with Elsa after the latter visited her out of concern for Eldora. Their friendship culminated in the establishment of an ice trade between their respective kingdoms.


Marisol journeyed to many surrounding kingdoms in order to secure trade deals that would supply ice intended to keep Eldora's food fresh.

Upon returning to her kingdom's gates, Marisol dismounted from her horse and greeted one of the palace guards, Omar, and asked about how the citizens of Eldora were. Satisfied, she turned to Elsa, who was standing at the gates with the citizens. Elsa explained how she journeyed from Arendelle with the goal of helping Marisol control her powers and end the eternal summer. However, Marisol giggled at the proposition and explained that Eldora was naturally hot all year.

Marisol interrupted upon hearing about the ice harvesters during Olaf's explanation of where he heard the rumors of Eldora's predicament. She explained that she journeyed to nearby kingdoms in search of ice but found nothing. After Elsa proposed that she supply the kingdom with ice, Marisol expressed her gratitude.

A party was held that night in honor of Marisol's new friends and the trade agreement. During the party, Marisol asked if Elsa had powers, prompting the latter to create an ice rink and snow flurry within the grand ballroom. Impressed, Marisol stated she was honored to call Elsa a friend. The following morning, Marisol hugged Elsa and Anna as they prepared to return to Arendelle and insisted that they visit Eldora again.


Marisol is very kind-hearted and well receiving of new guests to her kingdom.


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