Meet Kristoff 2
"Meet Kristoff 2"





"Meet Kristoff 2" is a deleted scene from Frozen, during which Kristoff scales a large cliff. It was intended to introduce Kristoff to the film, similar to another deleted scene, "Meet Kristoff".


Kristoff climbs a steep mountain with a pair of pickaxes. He uses a length of rope and a branch as a pulley to bring Sven to the top. After their ascent, the ice harvester and reindeer take a moment to admire their surroundings – an oasis unaffected by Elsa's winter.


Chris Buck So this is another Kristoff intro – we love this one – [Jennifer Lee nods] but it was kind of cut for time. What it does do is it shows [Transition to a succession of three stills from the scene in which Kristoff uses his pickaxes to scale a cliff.] Kristoff in action – a big mountain man. [Transitions back to directors.] And it ends with some humor introducing Sven.
Fade to black.

The scene opens with Kristoff jabbing a cliff wall with his pickax. He proceeds to climb up using two pickaxes, coming to the underside of a piece of the cliff. The whole time he has a red rope tied around his waist. He almost falls when a piece of rock is dislodged and his pick falls free. He then makes his way to the very top. Once there, Kristoff ties the red rope around a tree branch and round a nail, pulling on it to hoist Sven to the top. Sven pants happily as he is lowered onto the ground.

Kristoff Ah, here we are buddy! [He unties the rope from Sven] Our summer oasis! [Sven begins to explore. The two of them find a large lake and settlement unaffected by Elsa's winter. He removes his glasses to admire the view]


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