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  • Hello Mordecailovesrigby. I know you’re very scared that I am talking to you, but I’m here only to leave a LONG message as an apology. I doubt you’ll forgive me, but this is the nicest way I can put it without being sarcastic:

    Remember in deviantart when we were friends because we’re one of the fewest people who prefer Princess Bubblegum over Flame Princess? And also because we were annoyed whenever PB and Marceline were shipped? We used to get along pretty nicely…

    But later on, when you realized that I liked Prince Hans from Frozen, you called me stupid for defending him. Then I ranted on you by posting a Journal where I showed to my other fans what you wrote. I blocked you, punished you, etc.

    Now, since today, I am sorry… VERY SORRY for taking my revenge too far. I feel like the cruel person here. I was selfish and stupid when I blocked you. You no longer owe me an apology. This is a list of reasons I am REALLY SORRY for the way I treated you:

    1.     For being nice to commenters who call you a b**ch

    2.     For listening to Undertale, where “Mercy was not always the answer”. Guess I’ve been playing way too many games ^^;

    3.     For wishing you never came to me

    4.     For my comment I wrote on Xcoqui’s journal

    From now I actually forgive you. If you’re still mad at me, I understand. You don’t have to forgive me even if I forgive you. I just hope you belive my words and some of these days I’ll eventually unblock you.

    P.S. If admins are reading this, don’t remove this thread until I hear from Mordecailovesrigby.

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    01:08, May 14, 2016
    • Oh, it’s you. I don’t love it, but rather appreciate this apology message you left me here. I thought you were never going to forgive me, that you were gonna be mad at me indefinitely. Now, I felt very, VERY bitter disappointed when you betrayed me like this. My heart was very broken when my rare agreement was extremely cruel the way he punished me (And by he, I mean you).

      I don’t know when exactly I’ll forgive you back. I do plan on eventually being friends again, but not today. Three things. One, there’s something people call “think postivie”. Two,  People usually deserve a second chance. Three, We all make mistakes (aka Everyone makes mistakes)

      I’m glad you left me this message to notify me. I appreciate the apology, and I did hated all the 4 things you did to me. Those 4 things I mean the punishements that cause you to apologize me.

      Thanks and Goodbye, for now.

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    • Also, i forgot to mention. You refered to me as "her" but i'm actually a dude

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    • You should be lucky you eventually decided to apologize or otherwise I would've assaulted you if we met in person >:/

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