"More Than Just the Spare" is a deleted song written by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez and sung by Kristen Anderson-Lopez (playing the role of Anna) for the 2013 Disney animated film, Frozen.

This scene was originally going to be used as an introductory song for Anna, comparing Anna's supposed uselessness with Elsa, the more regal sister who was heir to the throne. The song shares some of the features that are seen in "For the First Time in Forever"; the song also ends with her bumping into someone. Though the song was deleted, it helped the writers make sense of Anna's personality.


Kristen Anderson-Lopez: There was an early draft that was all about the heir and the spare - Elsa being the heir and Anna being the overlooked, not needed spare. We wrote this as her big introductory song, and even though it ultimately got cut, it was really useful in helping us tap into Anna's character.


Anna: Spare...? Am I really just the spare?
I’m not part of the town, not born to be queen
Just somebody hopelessly in between.
She’s the scholar, athlete, poet.
I’m the screw up, don’t I know it...
But then who could ever compare?
Of course they’re gonna think I’m just the spare.
Well I won’t care.

So I’m the extra button on a coat,
In case another one comes loose.
But if I have to be a button,
Why can't I be a button that’s of use; oops!
I may like style and I may lack grace
And once in a while I fall on my face.
But this little button deserves a place in the sky,
This button wants to fly!
Wait, buttons can’t fly, that doesn’t make any sense!

So I’m a rusty horseshoe hanging up
Over somebody’s old barn door.
And I’ll be hanging there forever,
Just wishing the horse had one leg more.
And maybe I can’t be the perfect one,
And maybe I err on the side of fun.
But horseshoes need a chance to run somewhere!
This horseshoe is more than just a spare.

Someday I’ll find my thing,
A thing that’s on my own.
That thing that makes me part of something,
Not just all alone.
If only all this feeling I have in my heart
Could mean something to someone, how I’d love to play that part!

So I’m just the second-born sister
Who most of the town ignores.
Like a button, like a horseshoe,
Like a girl who’s bad at metaphors!

Maybe I don’t have a magic touch,
And maybe I don’t have a talent as such,
Just this heart with much, too much to share!
So I’ll never be the heir, but I’m more than just the spare!

Anna: Ugh! Sorry...

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