Never Underestimate The Power of Elsa

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"Never Underestimate The Power of Elsa" is a deleted scene from Frozen. Elsa was conceived as the antagonist of the film, but the concept was ultimately dropped in favor of creating a more complex character. The scene also mentions Admiral Westergard, who ultimately became the character of Prince Hans.


Admiral Westergard sends two Arendelle castle guards to visit Elsa's residence on the North Mountain to find Princess Anna. However, they are discovered by Elsa, who imprisons the men in ice and questions them. After discovering that Admiral Westergard sent the men in his place while he raised an army, Elsa reveals that she has amassed an army of snowmen.


Jennifer Lee Hi, I'm Jen Lee.
Chris Buck And I'm Chris Buck, and we're going to take you through the deleted scenes from Frozen. [Transition to a succession of two stills from the scene.] Sometimes, scenes, [Transition back to the directors.] they have to get taken out of the scene; they have to be cut for one reason or another, and we'll try to explain as we go. And the first one we've got is Elsa being a villain. And we had a version, or several versions, where she was a villain the whole way through. But we pulled back from that because we found that she was way more interesting if she wasn't just a villain. So, take a look.
Fade to black.

Scene opens up to two soldiers traveling up the North Mountain on horseback; however the blizzard winds are still blowing, giving them trouble. A small blanket of cold wind approaches the two, and two drifts of snow rise from the ground and wrap around the riders, separating them from their horses and lifting them into the air. The men whimper as Elsa approaches them.

Elsa Evening, gentlemen. Why are you on my mountain? 
Soldier 1 We were sent to look for Princess Anna.
Elsa By whom?
Soldier 2 Admiral Westergard.
Elsa [Laughs sarcastically.] Of course. Well, why didn't Admiral Westergard come himself, since he loves her so?
Soldier 1 [Hesitant.] He ... he ...
Elsa He's busy raising an army?
The pair gasp and glance at each other but remain silent. Elsa squeezes the coils of ice, causing both to groan.
Soldier 2 [In pain.] Yes, yes, Your Majesty!
Elsa [Chuckles.] What a coincidence.
A thudding sound catches the soldiers' attention, and their eyes widen upon catching sight of the army of snowmen assembling behind Elsa. The snowmen growl in unison.
Elsa Never underestimate the power of snow and ice.


  • Sections of "Summit Siege" can be heard playing in the background.
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