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The North Mountain

The North Mountain has the highest peak of all the mountains in its range.

The North Mountain is a large mountain located outside the kingdom of Arendelle. It is a part of a larger spanning mountain complex.


The North Mountain was uninhabited prior to Elsa's flight from Arendelle. Realizing she would find solitude at the mountain, Elsa built an elaborate ice palace into its side, resolving to stay there for the rest of her days. Though Elsa had exiled herself so that her powers would not harm others, her presence at the mountain still produced winter weather that continued to affect Arendelle.

However, the strange weather from the North Mountain provided Anna with the means to track her sister down. After being ousted from the palace by Marshmallow, Anna and her companion, Kristoff, attempted to escape the angry snowman. The mountain's features proved advantageous for the pair, for they slid down a frozen slope to quickly distance themselves from Marshmallow. Additionally, as the chase progressed through swath of trees, Anna caused a sagging tree to catapult upright, knocking Marshmallow over to provide herself and Kristoff with extra time to escape. Despite these efforts, the two were ultimately forced to scale a two hundred foot cliff to escape from Marshmallow's clutches.

The territory surrounding the North Mountain eventually became Marshmallow's. Aware of this, Kristoff and Sven would pass through the area quickly during their deliveries.[1]


The North Mountain is the most prominent mountain in its range.[2] Snow only forms on a slender channel that meanders its way up the mountain due to the rest of the mountain being mostly vertical at the sides. There is a small patch of trees partway down the mountain; past these is a cliff with a height of two hundred feet. The mountain also has at least one gorge that can be crossed by an ice staircase of Elsa's creation. This staircase leads to Elsa's ice palace, which still remains built into the mountainside.


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