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The flag of Norway.

Norway is a country located in Northern Europe, and is part of a group of countries together known as "Scandinavia". It borders with Sweden on the east, and looks out to the Atlantic on the west. It is also partly inside the Arctic Circle, which makes it a good spot to see the Aurora Borealis. Norway has a total land area of 385,252 square kilometres (148,747 square miles) and has a current population of around 5 million. Its capital city is Oslo. One of the things that Norway is famous for its fjords, which are narrow, deep inlets of sea which meander between high cliffs.

Norway served as the inspiration for the setting of Disney's Frozen, shown through several geographical elements seen in the film, such as the use of fjords. Inspiration also came from Norwegian culture; the outfits (most notably Kristoff's Sami outfit) were inspired by Norway and the surrounding area. Furthermore, the Rosemaling style that is seen throughout Frozen was also inspired by Norwegian heritage, along with the architecture of Arendelle, which took inspiration from buildings from Norwegian culture once more; this allowed for the development of the village and castle. John Lasseter wanted the team to celebrate the unique qualities of the Norwegian structures and have it feature in the designs of the structures holistically.[1]


The tourism industry in Norway has done well thanks to the success of Frozen, with the country playing host to Frozen-inspired family holidays. According to Per-Arne Tuftin from Visit Norway, the tourist industry in Norway saw an increase of 34% of people visiting the country from January - August 2014.[2]


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