Once Upon a Snowman is an animated short film and midquel to the 2013 flim Frozen released on October 23, 2020 on Disney+.


The short follows Olaf's journey after he was brought to life by Elsa during Let It Go. His first steps will take him through the snowy mountains of Arendelle and he will discover why he loves summer, before meeting with Anna, Kristoff & Sven.



  • Anna's body structure seems more closer to Frozen II then Frozen.
  • This short depicts Oaken and Olaf meeting for the first time when Olaf's Frozen Adventure shows it's the first time meeting.
  • When Anna says "I never knew winter could be so beautiful." in the film Olaf responds right next to her in the short he's very far from her.
  • Kristoff's shed exploded near Olaf however the film shows Olaf wasn't around the shed.
  • Elsa's cape shows it flies into the air rather then down the North Mountain.
  • When Kristoff argues to Anna about Hans in the film the shed was moving fast while the short shows they're going slow.
  • Olaf lead the wolves to Anna, Kristoff, and Sven his voice is heard in the short and the wolves turned their attention to the gang however in the film the wolves did not turn their attention and appears as if they were hunting them without Olaf being around.


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