Orb and scepter

The orb and scepter were used during Elsa's coronation.

The orb and scepter are two holy items used during the coronations of Arendelle's monarchs. Both are adorned with the crocus, a flower that is characteristic of the kingdom.


The orb and scepter were featured during at least two coronations, those of King Agnarr and Queen Elsa. They are also depicted in a portrait of Agnarr's coronation hanging in the library. During Elsa's coronation, the orb and scepter acquired a layer of frost after the prospective queen was forced to remove her gloves prior to grasping the items.


  • Elsa was required to remove her gloves to in order for the rite to be truly completed.
  • Orbs used in coronation ceremonies had religious undertones in that they represented Christ's dominion over the world.[1]


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