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Sir Jorgenbjorgen is a stuffed puffin toy owned by Elsa from her childhood.

He had been sitting at the bottom of a trunk that held Elsa's childhood belongings, until Anna rediscovered him.


After the gates were closed and Elsa was mainly confined to her bedroom, Sir Jorgenbjorgen provided company for her when she was alone, and acted as someone who could listen to Elsa.

While looking for traditions, years later, Anna rediscovered the little penguin in Elsa's trunk. Elsa, slightly overcome by the sight of him, began to reminisce about how he was a good listener. She then gently placed him back in the trunk.


  • Jorgenbjorgen's cloak is made out of an old pair of Elsa's gloves.
  • The penguin makes a small appearance in the Broadway of Frozen, as a prop that Anna held for a short time before she got dressed.
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