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Sitron[1] is a horse who served as Hans' mount during the prince's journey to Arendelle for Elsa's coronation.


Coronation day

Sitron watched as Hans helped Anna up.

As Sitron and Hans made their way through Arendelle's docks, the horse collided with Anna and sent her into a boat, which began to plummet from the dock and into the fjord. But before the boat fell into the water, Sitron was able to steady the boat using his hoof. He remained in this position as Hans went to help Anna up, but after Anna revealed that she was princess of Arendelle, Hans bowed in respect, prompting Sitron to do the same, raising his hoof in the process. With this, the boat tipped slightly, causing Hans to fall on top of Anna. Realizing his mistake, Sitron stabilized the boat once more, though this caused Anna to fall on Hans. Rambling nervously, Anna clambered out of the boat, greeting Sitron by stroking his chin, much to his pleasure. However, the princess could not stay, as ringing bells heralded the start of Elsa's coronation. As Anna turned away, both Hans and Sitron waved farewell, but the lack of horse's weight on the boat caused it to tip over, sending Hans into the water.

Summit siege

Sitron cowered at the sight of Marshmallow and galloped away.

During Elsa's winter, Sitron served as Hans' mount once more during the prince's expedition to find Anna. They were accompanied by a host of Arendelle castle guards and eventually reached Elsa's ice palace. After dismounting, Hans began to pull on Sitron's reins, drawing the reluctant horse towards the ice staircase, leading to the palace doors. However, a pile of snow suddenly burst to life, revealing the hulking Marshmallow. Panicking at the sight of the snow monster, Sitron reared up on his hind legs before galloping clear.






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