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Sitron is Hans' horse. He makes an apperance when Anna and Hans first met. Sitron is a Fjord (pronounced fyohrd) horse, which is native to Norway where the film takes place. He belongs to Hans and accompanies him to the kingdom of Arendelle for Elsa's coronation.


Sitron is a Fjord horse. He is tan colored, and has a mane of black and tan. He looks similar to Anna's horse, though Anna's horse is white with a white and black mane.

Role in the Film

Sitron first appears when Anna knocks into him on the docks after "For the First Time In Forever". After knocking into him, Anna falls into a boat and starts to slide off the dock, but Hans and Sitron keep it from falling into the fjord. Hans dismounts Sitron to help Anna and introduces himself. Upon hearing Anna announce herself as a princess, Hans and Sitron both bow, making the boat lean over the dock and to the water. Sitron notices this, then pushes the boat back upright, causing Hans and Anna to fall over. Fortunately, the boat lands on the dock, allowing the two royals to introduce themselves. When the coronation bell rings, Anna leaves. As Hans watches her leave, he and Sitron wave, but Sitron accidentally tips the boat again, causing Hans to fall in the water.

During the capture of Elsa (now known as the Snow Queen), Sitron served as Hans' mount to the troops marching to Elsa's ice castle, and accompanies his master back to Arendelle. 

It is unknown what happened to Sitron when Hans was arrested and sent back to the Southern Isles. However, it can be presumed that Sitron was also taken back to the Isles.


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