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Sitron[1] is a fjord horse, used by Hans to move around Arendelle at the time of Elsa's coronation.


Coronation day

Sitron was brought by Hans to Arendelle so that he could move around the kingdom with relative ease. Whilst the two made their way down to the seafront, Sitron collided with Anna, sending her falling into a boat; just as it was about to tip, he placed a leg inside the boat to steady it. He stayed like this until Hans bowed, at which point he also bowed, lifting his leg. This caused Hans to fall on top of Anna, and upon realizing, Sitron secured the boat once more. As Anna got out of the boat, she turned to Sitron and stroked his chin, much to his pleasure. When Anna had to leave to prepare for Elsa's chapel service, Sitron copied Hans by waving; however, this caused the boat to tip into the water, taking Hans with it. Sitron could only look on.

Summit siege

As the winter worsened, and Hans grew concerned for Anna's well-being, he and some guards dispatched from Arendelle to go into the mountains and look for Anna. Naturally, Hans took Sitron. The search party soon arrived at the North Mountain; Hans dismounted from Sitron, and gave out some orders. He then began to walk towards the palace steps, however Sitron seemed reluctant to follow his master. When Marshmallow unveiled himself, Hans released his grip on the reigns which allowed for Sitron to get clear. Once the battle was over and the group returned with Elsa, they all returned back to Arendelle.

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