Some People Are Worth Melting For
"Some People Are Worth Melting For"


Christophe Beck


November 25, 2013




Frozen Original Motion Picture Soundtrack



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"Some People Are Worth Melting For" is a musical number written and composed by Canadian score composer, Christophe Beck, for the 2013 Disney animated film, Frozen.

The track plays during Olaf's timely arrival to save Anna by keeping her warm in order to delay the effects of the frozen heart curse, in spite of the danger that heat brings to himself. It is most significant for being the song that plays as Olaf re-defines the concept of love as "putting someone else's needs before yours."

Similarities with other tracks

At this point, the song sounds similar to the final moments of "Return to Arendelle." The song ends on a climactic note when Olaf realizes that Kristoff is coming back to save Anna; it is worth noting that here, the song sounds similar the last moments of the track "Treason," where Kristoff realizes Anna is still in danger.

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