"The Ship" is a musical number written and composed by Canadian score composer Christophe Beck, for the 2019 Disney animated film, Frozen II.

The track opens as Anna and Elsa see a mast with the flag of Arendelle attached to it. The sisters run to the crest of the hill and are horrified by the site of their parents' ship. They enter with Olaf through a breach in its hull and start hunting for clues as to why the ship was washed in from the Dark Sea, when it was thought it was sunk in the Southern Sea.

Anna finds a sealed compartment containing a mysterious language and a map, revealing that their parents were searching for answers about Elsa's magic. Reminded of the idea that water has memory, Elsa uses the water within the ship to reconstruct what happened to her parents in their last moments. Upset by the statue that reveals itself of their parents in each other's embrace, Elsa and Anna leave the ship.


  • The track features a motif which is also performed in the track "The Mist", played on a gemshorn, a traditional instrument found across Europe.
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