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:''This page is about the score track. For the characters, see [[trolls]].''
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|name = "The Trolls"
|name = "The Trolls"
|image = Trolls.png
|image = Trolls.png

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This page is about the score track. For the characters, see trolls.

"The Trolls" is a musical number written and composed by Canadian score composer, Christophe Beck, for the 2013 Disney animated film, Frozen.

The track plays from when the group of rocks at the Valley of the Living Rock reveal themselves to be trolls. Pabbie makes his way forward, and after talking with the Agnarr, says that the best way to heal Anna is to remove Elsa's magic, along with all of the memories of her magic to be safe. Pabbie then tells Elsa about her powers, and how she must learn to control them. After stating that fear would be Elsa's enemy, Agnarr sees the best course of action being to isolate the castle until Elsa can control her powers; this includes staying away from Anna. The tracks ends with Elsa walking into her new bedroom, leaving Anna outside alone.

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