• Hi everyone! I am both a huge fan of Frozen and of Lego Bricks and I am looking for assistance in gathering supporters for a Frozen Lego Project. And what better place to share this with than with other Frozen Fans!

    There is a website run by Lego called Lego Ideas. Anyone can submit a Lego Project to this site and if it gets 10,000 supporters it could be reviewed to be an actual Lego set. Part of Lego Ideas is trying to find people who would support your idea.

    I have submitted a set that is based off of the Cathedral in Frozen, and I am trying to get more supporters. I decided to start with various Frozen fan sites and communities looking for supporters. I built this part of the castle first because I have the Art of Frozen book and it contained great pictures for reference to the size of the Arendelle Cathedral. I hope to start building the rest of the Arendelle Castle soon!

    Here is a link to my project on Lego Ideas.

    I hope that you guys like it and will support it.


    Also I could use some help determining the layout of the actual castle. If you guys have any ideas on where anything is in the castle it would be very much appreciated.

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    • I've supported it. It seems as if it is a great idea in my perspective and it deserves to be approved. I really wish you the best with this product as I know it took you time and effort to create it. Have a wonderful day. 

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