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    Hello users of Frozen Wiki,

    It has come to my attention that the Admins of this site have become increasingly inactive. Not long ago we held a discussion regarding the removal and possible replacement of said individuals, though it was met with opposition somewhat. However, time has passed, and little has changed. Thus, I propose stripping Bella8991 and Dragonboy6491 of their user rights. Mojojojo13579 has had enough of a presence that I think we can allow her to slide. But both Bella and Dragonboy have an "inactive" tag for crying out loud. They should be removed and new Admins put in place. We now have three rollbacks who can fill the role (Fruipit, Humphry02, and myself), so we are not in the same position as last time, where there were no suitable candidates anyway.

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    • There's already been a discussion about this a while ago. But personally, I don't think we should demote anyone without their own consent. I think it's safe to say that we've all been busy with ourselves these past few months, though that's besides the point. Before, Bella's bureaucratic rights have been removed and she's been inactive ever since May. Nevertheless, we should at least tell her and know where we're going with demoting and promoting. As an individual, I wouldn't want to make decisions for the entire community, but I guess keeping rollbacks to monitor pages would be a good choice, at least temporarily. For now, I'm against stripping Dragonboy of his rights. Knowing Dragon, he'd probably come online if he had the time or proper chance to, but right now isn't one of those times. Perhaps try shooting him an email and see if he responds about his absense? That's just my suggestion, though.

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    • There is no absolutely pressing need to strip them. Very new content is coming out and the wiki itself is quite quiet.

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    • To be honest I see no reason to do anything right now. I can't see Wiki activity picking up any time soon. I'm just adding up information when I can, but I'm not expecting anything from anyone else. Perhaps when activity picks up and maintenance is needed, then we shall think about this.

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    • I wish to apologize for my inactivity and will of course step down if there is consensus. However, I think a lot of the same points brought up last time are being overlooked. For one, there was no effort to make contact with the admins regarding this issue, which would have been the courteous thing to do. Secondly, what is the goal of removing inactive admins? Is it just to bring new blood to the administration? I don't find that a compelling reason for demotion. This wiki is very small, and though work on wikis cannot ever truly be done, we have largely completed our intended improvements on articles. This along with the fact that Frozen is a property comprised of only one major work means that things are bound to slow down. As such, there is no backlog of tasks that admins need to do (delete files, track vandalism, etc.), which naturally means that the admins would be somewhat inactive as well. Should the wiki burst into activity, this discussion could be of more use, but for now, there is no real evidence that the admins are not adequately performing their duties because, well, there hasn't been much activity.

      Additionally, and I'm not trying to make excuses for myself and the other admins, but being an admin isn't about being the best and most active contributor; we're here to keep things tidy and organized, anything else is really a plus. I think that's the heart of problem in this scenario; you're trying to pass off administratorship as a sort of political position when, to be completely honest, it's nothing more than janitorial work. The wiki hasn't descended into complete disarray, so it would be unfair to say the admins have been incompetent ... Not to toot my own horn, but I think I have shown that I understand the workings of the wiki and that I am capable of being a strong contributor.

      In closing, this wiki's current needs are being met, so to be frank, I don't find demotion to be necessary. Again, if things pick up and the current admins cannot keep up, then we can consider stripping rights.

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    • I'd like to retract this forum.

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