• Hi, I’m new here but have been a huge fan of frozen since it was released - I hope this is the right place to put this, and that my words are taken in good faith, as I really don’t want to upset anyone who may feel strongly on this matter!

    On Anna’s wiki page, the timeline of events is listed as being Frozen, Olaf’s frozen adventure, and then Frozen Fever. Surely the timeline should be listed in the order that the films were released? I know that one of the directors stated on Twitter that Anna and Elsa’s birthdays were on the solstices, but as this information has not been included in any of the films (and therefore can’t technically be considered canon) should it take precedent over the logical progression of time shown in the films? To any casual film watcher, they would assume that the short films take place in chronological order, and to have them listed with frozen fever taking place a year after the events of frozen is a little confusing, as it has never been stated in canonical material that this is the case.

    I think that the directors comment about Anna’s birthday should be listed under the trivia section of her page with a note explaining the ‘controversy’, not included in the main section of her history, and that the stated timeline of events should follow the order of the films.

    Sorry if this is confusing or a debate that’s already been long discussed elsewhere (I had a look but couldn’t find any posts about it), but I felt I should ask for clarification before just changing it and potentially upsetting people. Thanks for reading my very long essay also :)

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    • I second the question about the order of the shorts!

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